Thursday, February 02, 2012

You Can't Take it With You

I finally made it over to our insurance agent to update the beneficiary form on my life insurance policy. The secondary, after Mr. ETB is now deceased, so I thought it made sense to get that changed to Danny.

Danny: So what do I have to do ? I don't understand.

Me: If I die, you don't do anything, but if both mama and papa die (Kenna hora, God forbid a million times) you'll get a payment to cover my burial costs.

Danny: How much money is it?

Me: Danny, it really isn't a windfall, this is a term policy for putting me in the ground.

Danny: OK, but how much is it for?

Me: $15,000. But that isn't as much as it sounds like...

Danny: Well, you didn't want anything really nice did you?

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