Thursday, February 02, 2012


I promise, this is the last of the Danny stories for tonight, but he's been dropping these gems of late, and I don't want to forget them years from now.

When I'm working in the kitchen, the radio is almost always on. Danny has learned to structure his day by what is being broadcast (he knows he has to be dressed and have breakfast by the time Marketplace comes on NPR in the morning, etc.) If he hears Kathy Blythe, he knows it is 9 AM as I've switched stations after Morning Edition. Sometimes Kathy has on the self- help people, and then I switch over to various music stations. Noon brings Democracy Now, and afternoons until 3 are spent listening to KZUM's offerings. I never really thought about it, but Danny counts on my radio listening habits being predictable, and when I vary the routine he seems a bit out of sorts.

Monday morning, I wanted to listen to the long awaited return of Dave Wingert to local radio (he was sacked from his previous station in a rather unfair way). I had him on as I was getting the laundry going, when Danny, half asleep stumbled into the kitchen.

Danny: Oh. My. God. What happened to Michael Lyon?! He sounds great! Did something happen to him?

Me: He turned into Dave Wingert.

Danny: (still half asleep and confused) But not like a transplant kind of thing...wait...oh, I get it now, that isn't NPR. Well, that's disappointing. Can I have cinnamon toast for breakfast?

Poor kiddo. Sort of like when my parents stopped having the Daily News delivered, and got the Chicago Tribune instead. I swear, that screwed with my head for months.

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