Thursday, July 07, 2016

I Had That Dream Again...

...The one where Iris Apfel takes a look at my hundreds of necklaces hanging on the bedroom wall, overflowing boxes of brooches, earrings, and piles of scarves before asking, "Is that all you've got?"

 As recurring dreams go, it only borders on nightmare. Sometimes I wake in a sweat, worried she might be right.  What if I don't have enough accessories?
 The only sensible thing to do is stock-up.
The way the world is looking of late, we could all be facing nuclear Armageddon, and I'll want to be the most stylish person in the fallout shelter.
I'm taking great joy in my collection these days, and am making an effort to wear items that don't regularly see use. Granted, there aren't that many occasions that call for two-tone blue patent-leather slingback shoes...but when the opportunity arises...I'm all over that shit. 
This is a particularly good time to be a collector of accessories. Vintage bags can be found inexpensively where clothes from the same era now command absurd prices. Bakelite and lucite bangles can still be found at garage sales and thrift stores if you train yourself to look for them. Brooches, clip earrings, strands of beads can all still be cheaply found so long as you avoid the online-traps like Etsy. I've even had great luck buying vintage purses at antique malls as they are often not the specialty of a particular dealer, and they'll let it go for much less than a vintage clothing dealer would. Patience is important-I waited fifteen years until I found a Dorset-Rex bag at a price I was willing to pay, but in the end, sooner or later, you'll find what you want. Ignore the dealer listings screaming, "RARE!" It probably isn't. The hallmark of 20th century manufacturing was mass-production. Unless you're after museum-quality pieces, or couture, odds are the item isn't nearly as "Unique" as the listing would have you believe. As a matter of principle, I refuse to buy anything listed as, "Very Unique" and I'm not even a grammar pedant (obviously).

Outfit Particulars:
Kasper ASL dress-Goodwill
Pink belt-yard sale
Vintage pink handbag-Hand-Me-Ups
Vintage necklace-Hand-me-Ups
Vintage screw-back shell and plastic earrings-Estate sale
Naturalizer shoes-Goodwill
Bangles-all over
Shell bracelet-Hand-Me-Ups
Vintage Sarah Coventry brooch-Hand-Me-Ups
Fragrance-Vintage formulation Courreges in Blue

Are you familiar with Stylecraft of Miami purses? They're rather sought after these days, but weren't anything extraordinary in their day. They're nice bags, but worth the prices they fetch on eBay? Certainly not. This one was ten dollars, which is slightly more than I like to spend on a bag, but not anything that would have me questioning my sanity.

 Outfit Particulars:
Ann Taylor skirt-Goodwill
Blouse-K Mart
Vintage hand-tooled belt-Hand-Me-Ups
Flower pin-Tiff and Tam
Shoes-K Mart
Vintage Stylecraft handbag-Antique mall
Vintage clip earrings-Hand-Me-Ups
1970's clamper bracelet-gift from my sister circa 1978
Carved bakelite ring-Hand-Me-Ups
Fragrance-Vintage formulation Nahema

 What's on this weekend? Glad you asked! The city of Wayne, Nebraska will be celebrating their annual Chicken Show (or as the locals call it, "Chiggen Shew").  Oh, I know what you're thinking, but you just haven't lived until you've seen the World's Largest Chicken Dance. There's a "Cluck Off" contest where you must be heard across the barnyard and keep clucking for at least fifteen seconds, as well as contests for the smallest egg, and fastest chicken. It starts Friday, and runs through Sunday though most of the activities are on Friday and Saturday. Wayne, Nebraska is about 100 miles north of Omaha. If you can get yourself there this weekend, it is sure to be loads of fun. If not, there's some video and photos on the website.

I'll be rehearsing my clucks if anyone needs me.


Hope said...

Yes it is good to stock up,very wise .You have a lots beautiful clothes.

Beth Waltz said...

Both ensembles of dress, shoes, bag and accessories are perfectly executed; however, I'm particularly enchanted by the "swirls" of the blue and pink dressy look. Hair swirled back, bodice swirled just so, and the swirl detail of the earrings if one looks closely -- and with a punch of pink to keep one's eyes open! Brava!

Why, yes, I do have necklaces hanging from pins on the wall behind my bedroom door. Doesn't everyone? (But I do envy the Style Crone her racks of scarves, all neatly sorted.)

Mim said...

Chicken show sounds nearly as awesome as the pops of pink on that turquoise ensemble.

I dreamed I was having a discussion with Boris Johnson about bonfires. Sadly, I didn't hurl the straw-headed twunt onto one. Try harder, next time, dream self. And your dream self should ask Iris to pass on some accessories!

As for stocking up, you will be the most stylish person at the zombie apocalypse, for sure.

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Your are looking very glam in your turquoise and pink outfit - turquoise is an excellent colour on you. Wonderful accessories as always.

Love the skirt and top ensemble, too. Very cool and crisp and swirly!

I worry, too, that I have too many accessories but then I think dammit, why not? As you say they're still cheap and cheerful and they do make such a difference to an outfit. Long live the accessories, I say!

The Chicken Show sounds, well, weird...

Have a great weekend


Polyester Princess said...

I'm loving that turquoise and pink outfit and I'm with you that you can't have too many accessories. I too take great pleasure in my collection which keeps growing and growing. And of course you need to be the most stylish person around when Armageddon comes! xxx

Sue said...

You are oozing glam in your turquoise outfit, with your hair swept up and that gorgeous pink bag, you are so "all over that shit". I didn't know the crow off really was a competition, next time I visit the Arboretum I will inform all the lads that line the fence and Crow!!

Goody said...

Thank you. I do love nice clothes.

I bought a few scarf organisers, but I've never been able to keep them in any neat arrangement. Some people are just gifted that way!

Or at least a Boris effigy-it would be more satisfying than a Guy. There was a great video making the rounds of a woman screaming at Boris, and calling him a twat as he scurried away.

You are so much better organised than I am (at least from your photos). You have such great taste in accessories it would be criminal not purchasing them. I imagine your house being like a wonderful museum filled with beaded treasures-perhaps you need a pirate's chest to keep them in!

You'll have the great brooch collection covered when the apocalypse begins.

It IS real-and every bit as bonkers as it sounds.

Connie said...

I remember those bags. There were several of them floating around our house when I was a kid. Gosh. I look at all the ugly shit that passes for style these days and I think, "Some day someone is going to think that this is vintage wonderfulness." Hard to believe. Your dirndle skirt and peasant top are the thing of beautiful teenage legends. And turquoise. So beautiful on your gorgeous skin. I swear, one of these days I'm coming to Omaha to go shopping. Look out!

tubby3pug said...

Two great looks a good bag makes an outfit

Vix said...

How fab to you look in turquoise? That dress is wonderful on you. Loving the Chicken Show ensemble too!
I'm not an accessories hoarder (she lied unconvincingly) - I'm just keeping a cupboard full of 1930s clutches and an elusive Dorset Rex in case my body gets taken over by an alien and I go somewhere elegant. xxx

Goody said...

I don't think the crappy clothes from H&M will last long enough to be vintage. What do kids even wear today other than the skinny jeans with blinged-out stuff on the behind?

I'll leave the porch light on-feel free to drop in anytime you like.

Thank you. I'm trying to convince myself that the bags are worth all the space they take.

Shhhh, don't tell anyone!
At the moment the bags are being held in four bookcases (and beneath the piano bench, and in the basement, and under the stairs and...but I am not a hoarder. I'm an investor ;)