Monday, July 11, 2016

Just Add Idiots

The closest I'm getting to Hawaii these days is my collection of shirts and dresses. Our weather has been tropical, but without a beach, of course. Oh well, we'll make do. Sunday was, "Act Like an Idiot in Front of the Goodwill Day" in Papillion, Nebraska so...
We had an audience gather to watch our antics, and they were happy enough to show their approval. Danny kept looking for a place to hide, but we had fun! Sometimes, I think we should pass a hat and get paid for our foolishness.
Outfit Particulars:
Jane M Hawaiian dress (really, a muu muu but I belted it)-Goodwill
Bamboo bangles-Hand-Me-Ups
Plastic bangles-Goodwill
Purple ring-K Mart
Shell earrings-World Market
Macrame handbag-Goodwill
Shoes-K Mart
Fragrance-Elizabeth Taylor Gardenia
It was blowing a gale outside, so I kept my hair wild. I know when to give up! I like off-the shoulder dresses as I have ok-ish shoulders, and the flounce hides my bingo wings. Strategic placement of ruffles can disguise quite a bit.

Earlier in the week, I tried out the other Heartbreaker Repro dress I found at Goodwill. This one is better made than the blue dress, but it still has trouble with sleeves that won't quite press flat. The inside of the neckline is also poorly sewn and really could have done with a bit of interfacing. There's a tie-waist, but the length is too short to make a proper bow. Again, I don't want to sound as though I'm saying these are the worst dresses I've seen-they're not, and the fabric is quite nice. As I bought them re-sale I can't say if they were seconds that were sold with, "As-is" issues. I can say that the two dresses I've tried so far haven't impressed me but perhaps the third is a charm-I'll let you know.

Cranberry is such a wearable colour for most people, and it goes with almost everything. I did beige here, but cranberry and pink is another combination that goes in and out of popularity. I do typically think of it as an autumn/winter shade but it felt perfect for a warm July day, so I ran with it. I don't know about you, but I get into colour combination ruts (blue and green, anyone?) and it is good to challenge myself with less obvious combinations now and again. I recently purchased a vintage pure silk, navy blue pleated skirt and I am positively struggling with how to wear it. I know I can do better than a flowing white crepe blouse, but the obvious match hasn't struck me yet. I'm sure it will, eventually. Investment pieces can take their time in my wardrobe as they're not likely to get the once-and-done treatment of cheaper vintage. I have the rest of my life to figure out how to style it-and I plan to be around for a while!

Outfit Particulars:
Heartbreaker vintage repro dress-Goodwill
Naturalizer wedge-heeled sandals-Goodwill (I really got my $3.99 out of these!)
Vintage Collins-style bag-Salvation Army, Lincoln
Vintage berry-basket earrings-yard sale
Vintage cinnabar bangle-Hand-Me-Ups
Vintage bakelite bangle-Salvation Army
Red ring-Goodwill
Cherries brooch-Thrift World
Hair flower-Tiff and Tam
Fragrance-Pink Innocencia (stooopid name, great fragrance)

Finally, I spotted this game of chance at a gas station out in the country.
"Hey Vern, whatcha doin' this weekend?"
"Oh hey there Willard, I thought I'd go down to the Mobil and try gettin' into their Bonus Hole."

Bonus Hole.

Aw geez, Bonus Hole?!

I'll leave it at that.


Vix said...

Goody, you look ravishing in that Hawaiian dress. I love it with your wild hair (wish mine looked half as good as yours did untamed!) I'm drooling over those sunglasses, too.
I rather enjoy being challenged by colour combinations. The last time I wore navy blue I wore it with orange. xxxx

Mim said...

Hehehe, Bonus Hole!

I like your outfits - the cranberry colour really suits you.

With a navy blue skirt, I'd probably look for something in coral, or containing a lot of coral. It's a colour that always seems to look good with navy.

Polyester Princess said...

You are looking beautiful in that off-the shoulder Hawaiian dress! The cranberry one is lovely too but I'm hearing you with your repro dress issues. I'm usually quite disappointed with their quality. xxx

Unknown said...

How cute that you got a group of people to crowd around you like a celebrity and show some appreciation for your great outfit! Love that Hawaiian dress and good idea to make it chic by belting it! Looks great! I just adore that cranberry dress and with that bag it truly is gorgeous!
That game name is just too much! LOL!


Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

I read somewhere that our shoulders are one of the few parts of our bodies that don't really age and I think it's true. The off the shoulder Hawaiian dress really suits you and is very on trend (apparently). You look fabulous altogether with the windswept hair and those huge sunglasses. I checked out the mix and match bangles, too!

Do you remember the hawaiian skirt I posted some months back that you admired? I went to wear it the other day and it just looks frumpy on me because of the mid calf length, so it went back to the charity shop. Oh well you win some and lose some.

Love the cranberry dress and your hair up is so elegant. The wedge shoes are fab and just what I like in wedges - when it's just a sling back it throws me forward and the back of shoe is always slipping off. I need the strap at the front to hold it all in place.

As for colours with navy - here's some tried and tested combinations you're bound to have in wardrobe:

Navy and cerise/fuschia
Navy and coral
Navy and emerald green
Navy and eau de nil
Navy and orange
Navy and pale blue
Navy and turquoise
Navy and yellow

I'm just off to check my bonus hole!


Goody said...

Navy and orange is a good combination-thank you for the suggestion.
The frames were my mum's in the late 80's. I had them re-set with my Rx and went for a wild tint because...why not? I think next time I will go for real sun-blocking lenses as these are mostly cosmetic.

There's a town not far from here called, Colon (pronounced like the organ). I wonder if they have a bonus hole?

I just ordered a dress from Lady V London-I really, really, really hope it isn't junk. I;d heard such great things about them and it was so inexpensive with the current exchange rate, I couldn't resist. I'll let you know how it turns out.

I've thought of paying a group of teenagers to start snapping my picture, and making a fuss in a public place just to see how many people would ask for an autograph or a selfie not knowing who I am? It would make an interesting experiment.

I'm sorry the skirt didn't work, but now the thrifting gods owe you something better!
I don't know about you, but my shoulders seem to be getting bony with age. I think all the fleshy bits went into my upper arms. And my waist. And my bum. and...well, you get the idea.

Great colour suggestions-thank you.

Sue said...

Oh wow you look rather sexy in your off the shoulder frock, did you get any whistles of appreciation?? Definitely put a hat down next time, Danny will be well made if if his olds make some cash. Bonus hole indeed??!! Where do they think of such names for games, the mind boggles.

Beth Waltz said...

The off-the-shoulder look is very retro Hawaiian -- and very flattering! Your 'wild haired woman of Goodwill' poses a fine Nebraskan homage to the newly revived craze for Tiki Culture.
(Just read a vlog post praising the d├ęcor at Disney's Polynesian Resort and its vegan cuisine. This might be an "educational" destination vacation for the ETB family, attempting to escape the heat and humidity.)

Collector of Chinese brocade jackets that I am, I'd snap up that blue skirt as a nice change from silky pants! Long enough to wear with flats, is it?

Mals86 said...

Came for the perfume, stayed for the Oh-Lord-I-think-I-wore-that-in-the-70s. And now I want to know, barely restraining myself from shaking you by the shoulders, is:

Goody said...

The last fella that tried a wolf whistle at me nearly lost his dentures trying!

You couldn't pay me any sum to endure Disneyland. If I want Tiki culture, I'll head over to Omaha's, Mt. Fuji Inn. I was always relieved Danny wasn't interested in Disney cartoons, theme parks, etc. I went once in the late 70's, and that was enough for me.

I seem to be collecting brocade jackets as well-except mine never get worn as I have no clue how to wear them. Silky pants is a great suggestion.

You are so kind. I have no idea why there's no RSS button-and a quick look through the template wasn't helpful. My eleven year old is the blog tech-support, so I'll have him get on that. Your blog is wonderful, and I'm looking forward to reading more of it.