Friday, July 29, 2016

Princess Qiana, Alex, and a Vera Nice Skirt

Qiana nylon was around in the mid-60's, but it really became popular with the disco era. Whether you danced or not, nearly everyone had these close-fitting, silky shirts with wild prints on them. My dad, possibly the least-cool person ever to walk the earth, had a brown, red and black Qiana shirt with a gigantic collar and a prints of flamenco dancers that he wore unashamedly with white polyester trousers. White polyester trousers with a built-in-belt. This blouse is on the more subtle side of the trend, and as the weather behaves better I will wear some of the crazier examples from my collection. 

Outfit Particulars:
1970's Qiana blouse-Goodwill
Polyester skirt (has a matching top)-can't remember, bought it in the 90's
Shoes-K mart
1970's shoulderbag-Goodwill
Belt-Retail, 90's
Fragrance-Vintage formulation Azuree

I bought this Alex Colman blouse not knowing if it would fit, but being unable to pass up such a great print at a bargain. Alex Colman of California was one of my very favourite labels as a young person as their shirts were always so colourful and fun. I have a few I've collected over the years, but this is the first that fits well enough to wear. Hooray!
The skirt is pinned in the waist, and held with a belt but really needs more work than it is worth. As it isn't every day I find fabric with a great hieroglyph print, I'll take it apart and make something else-I'm thinking hot pants, because every anthropologist needs a pair of hieroglyph print hot pants. Fact.  
I am the goddess of...well, I dunno...Burt Street? Well never mind that, I command you to go get me a cocktail-all this polyester gets warm and uncomfortable. Don't forget the ice. 
 Outfit Particulars:
Alex Colman 70's blouse-Hand-Me-Ups
Belt-Can't remember
Vintage lucite earrings-Thrift World
Vintage Papagallo shoes-Goodwill
Aigner shoulder bag-Goodwill
Fragrance-Rive Gauche (Had to, it went with the vibe of the blouse)

Moving along...
(The sun was in my eyes, but I always look a little squinty)
I spotted this vintage skirt on the picked-over rail at Goodwill on the last day of the colour tag sale. I guess it looked too old fashioned for the people scouring the rails for designer jeans to re-sell online. I didn't know what it was when I bought it as the tag was hidden away deep within the waistband seam, but when I went to launder it I spotted (ha ha) the familiar ladybird trademark and Vera signature. I knew there was a reason I was drawn to the print! I always did like Vera Neumann's designs, as evidenced by a quick look around my home. 

The waistband of the skirt is interesting-there's a rubberised seam meant to hold the skirt in place. It isn't elastic (and believe me when I tell you I just barely got it to close) but a thick, rigid piece meant to keep it from folding over. The skirt is quite well constructed, and my guess is it would have been worn with a long-sleeved blouse, possibly ruffled. To me, it is the epitome of early 70's style for housewives (an office worker wouldn't wear this, nor would anyone under 40) and I'm definitely not wearing it in the spirit it was intended. The 80's blouse and bag are glaringly out of place for anyone seeking authenticity. Personally, I'm not ready to be a suburban, middle-aged, housewife-though Valium and Key Parties don't sound all that bad to me at this point. 

Well...perhaps we can skip the Valium-at my age it would just put me to sleep. 

Outfit Particulars:
Vintage Vera Neumann skirt-Goodwill
Blouse (part of a set)-Sequels
Vintage 80's bag-Goodwill
Vintage Trifari necklace-Hand-Me-Ups
Quartz bangle-Goodwill
Fragrance-Vintage formulation Chamade

Hope everyone has a great weekend. 


Bibi Maizoon said...

I remember those Qiana polyester shirts! Remember the "Angel Flight" wide leg polyester trousers men/boys wore with them too? And the "Dittos" high waisted jeans with the saddle seam across the arse for women? Be sure to shove a Goody comb in your back pocket to comb your feathered hair too! Oh yes & scads of Italian gold chains also.

That chevron skirt is very 'on trend' right now.

That Vera skirt is gorgeous. Looks like something my mom would have to a wedding shower or an afternoon cocktail party. Definitely with the white sandals with chunky heels and definitely with a spritz of Rive Gauche. Pop a Darvon, Equanil, or Miltown (or some other sedative or analgesic now banned in the US) instead of a plain old Valium. Be sure to partake of a few Virginia Slims while you're sipping your Harvey Wallbanger, Grasshopper, or Old Fashioned. Now go hop into your Ford Country Squire station wagon and go get jiggy at the key party watching Deep Throat.

Whatever happened to station wagons anyway? I guess they turned into minivans?

Beth Waltz said...

The Empress of Co-ordinating patterned separates again demonstrates her skills at blending colors and graphic designs! Spiffy shoes, too!

The Vera skirt is the prize, however. I've searched the racks and bins for years and never found even a shredded scarf. Love those rich blues!

Has any member of the public commented on how nice you look in long skirts -- as compared with other females slopping about in mom jeans or capris? I've struggled with a swollen knee this summer and found the skirts far more accommodating.

Mim said...

I've never heard of Quiana. I really like that Alex Colman blouse, though, that's really very you. And that Vera Neumann skirt... you find such good things!

Polyester Princess said...

Strangely enough I'd never heard of Qiana nylon, but I think the blouse and skirt combo looks great on you. I love the colours of the Alex Colman blouse and that blue and green maxi is just gorgeous. xxx

Vix said...

Yeah! There's an Alex Colman shirt currently adorning our rails, if it was my size I'd have kept it, it's fabulous.
I love those nylon shirts with the ridiculous prints. Your Dad's sounded fantastic and yours looks great with those killer wedges and zigzag skirt.
That last maxi skirt is gorgeous, thank goodness for those idiots with their denim blinkers on. xxx

Goody said...

I was smart enough to avoid feathered hair having seen the frosted and feathered disaster my sister was sporting. I stuck to my Prince Valiant bob through the 70's until I caved, and got a perm around 1979. At that point, I needed a pick, not a comb in my pocket. Do you remember the combs you could personalise with your name on the handle? I always wondered why anyone would want to advertise their name, much less have it sticking up out of an ass pocket?

Those crossover SUV things are supposed to be the "new" station wagons (sans wood paneling). We never had a station wagon as my mother was more of a '66 Impala woman.

I get asked, "What are you dressed up for?" when I'm out in a skirt. It doesn't seem to matter how casual a skirt either. I have some trousers, but they really don't flatter my gigantic backside.

Sorry to hear about your knee-hope you're doing better soon.

I live in a place that doesn't value vintage. I'd never find anything this good if I lived in LA or New York. Around here vintage is still, "Old clothes."

I wonder if it was trademarked with a different name in Europe (sort of like the polyester/crimplene thing)? If it is super-shiny and slightly stiff, odds are it is the same thing.

I need to dig through the family photos-there must be at least one of my dad in full disco shirt glory. It was interesting how the trend reached across age, class, and race. Everyone wore those silly shirts.

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Fab outfits, Goody. I love them all especially the first brown patterned ensemble; you look so cool...Love your metallic wedges as well.

Your description of your Dad's outfit made me laugh. I once showed a younger neighbour of mine, many years ago, my wedding album. She laughed till she cried - at the 70s fashions!

Goody said...


I have some horrible family photos with 70's fashion coming up in a future post. Unfortunately I don't have a photo of him wearing that shirt.