Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Vintage, True and Reproduction

I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend. Ours was pleasant, and we even found a bit of time for outdoor photographs. There was silliness, of course, though I wonder what the people on the other side of the window must have thought!
I believe he was doing a, "Thumbs-up" gesture despite the boxing stance. There's an urgent care directly opposite in the complex-I do hope we kept some patients entertained during their undoubtedly lengthy wait. "Quick, come look at the imbeciles in front of the Hallmark shop! Oooh, one of the imbeciles is wearing a lovely vintage dress."

Outfit Particulars:
Vintage dress-Goodwill
Vintage handbag-Antique mall
Naturalizer sandals-Sequels
Bangles-all over
Large green ring-The much-missed Curtise
Hair flowers-Tiff and Tam

Not to be outdone by Mr. ETB's window photo bomb, I grabbed the kid and we walked down to meet his bus this evening. As the bus pulled to the stop, we stood on the sidewalk waving it in with our arms like airline workers on a tarmac. Had I planned ahead, we could have brought torches and worn headphones. The bus driver was cracking-up, and Mr. ETB was laughing so hard he couldn't speak for the first couple blocks of the walk home. After more than 20 years together, he should know better than challenging me to a public stupidity contest.

I should mention that this dress is so sheer it requires a full slip beneath to keep me from being charged with indecent exposure. I did own a pale green slip at some point, but it disappeared long ago, and now I'm on the hunt for another. I wore white here, which worked out fine with the white in the pattern, but green would have been better. I've never attempted dyeing nylon-might be worth a try.

This beautiful vintage reproduction by Lady Vintage turned out to be an incredible bargain due to the sale, and favourable exchange rate on the day I ordered it. I had never heard of Lady Vintage before the wonderful Miss Magpie mentioned them, and I owe her a great many thanks for introducing me. Much as I complain about inferior quality repro clothing, I am pleased to say this dress is perfect. The fabric is heavy, and falls beautifully. It is launderable, wrinkle -resistant, and has just enough stretch in the fabric to accommodate my ever-shifting weight. Turning the garment inside-out, I was able to see how well-made it is. No fear of the seams coming undone here. No stray threads needing to be snipped, the zipper works (and is sewn-in correctly) and I love the extra care that was put into the packaging. My dress arrived quickly, and folded in such a way that it could be worn immediately rather than spending hours steaming out creases from careless shipping.

 The dress looked greener indoors! Next time, blue necklace.

Outfit Particulars:
Dress-Lady Vintage, London
1940's Naturalizer pumps-Thrift World
Vintage necklace-Hand-Me-Ups
I found a strapless bra worked best, though there's enough support in the bodice to forgo one entirely, I bought the dress in a 14, which turned out a bit large, but I'd rather err on the side of too big. I'm a 36 DD and there's plenty of extra room on top. Because of my curved spine and messed-up right shoulder, I have trouble wearing dresses with straps like this as they tend to slide down on the right side. There's a bit of that happening here, but so much less than I typically deal with as the straps are heavy and well-constructed. You can read a bit about the company on their website, but the short version is that all the dresses are made in London, where they employ skilled pattern cutters and the like. It really does show in the quality of this dress. After several bad experiences with buying clothes by post (I'm looking at you, Chicwish) dealing with Lady Vintage was a joy. I am not being compensated in any way by Lady Vintage, and I paid $38.00 USD for my dress. I consider it money very well spent. Thanks again, Miss Magpie for alerting me to this terrific company.

This last outfit is a mix of vintage and contemporary items that came together better than expected. You'd think a heavy, polyester skirt wouldn't require a slip, but this one shows every lump and bump (of which I have many) making it nearly impossible to wear anything tucked into the waistband. I bought the two-piece top set last weekend as the colours appealed to me even though they veer ever-so-slightly into Lily Pulitzer territory (oh, barf). With our flaky weather, layering is definitely a good strategy, and I like to look pulled-together when I do. Luckily, the top is just long enough to hide my saddlebags, and make the skirt wearable. I love when that happens.

Outfit Particulars:
Vintage 70's Koret of California skirt-Goodwill
Two-piece top and jacket set-Goodwill
1960's handbag-Hand-Me-Ups
Shell bracelet-Hand-Me-Ups
Shell clip earrings-Hand-Me-Ups
Hair flowers-Tiff and Tam
Shoes-K Mart
Lippy-Maybellene Vivid Rose
Fragrance-Revolution a Versailles (Review coming soon)

Hope your week is treating you well.


Bibi Maizoon said...

That Lady Vintage dress is absolutely stunning on you!
What an amazing price too!
I was thinking more Barbara Cartland than Lilly Pulitzer with the pastels- I can't handle pastels but I'm sure Hyacinth Bucket would approve. Meow.
Public stupidity contests seem to be something my family excels in also.

Connie said...

You look like Sophia Loren in the Lady Vintage dress. Bella!!! Gosh. I remember when almost all dresses required a slip. They're actually kinda hard to find around here. You have really outdone yourself with all of these looks. I love the way you always accessorize so perfectly. You are a genius, my dear.

Vix said...

I'm not generally a fan of repro but that dress is fantastic on you, a perfect fit and the colour and print are sublime.
The aqua green see-thru' number is such a pretty colour. I think most of my dresses are transparent only I never realise until Jon kindly point out that he can see my arse when we're out somewhere.
Splendid photobomb, I thought you were posing by an advertising hoarding at first. xxx

Polyester Princess said...

I love the colour of that vintage dress, never mind the silliness! One does have to be silly sometimes ... That Lady Vintage dress is a real stunner. Now there's a company I need to check out. xxx

Miss Magpie said...

You are very welcome and the dress looks fab on you! The quality of the fabric and overall finish on the dresses does stand out. I haven't had the chance to wear the mad fruit print one yet, I need to find the right moment......

Beth Waltz said...

The Lady Vintage dress would be good value at $138, compared to the tat I've encountered in so-called better dress shops. And on you, dear Goody with the 50s June Allyson page-boy, the appropriate descriptive phrase is "Va Va Voom!"

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Wow, Goody, you are looking hot!

I love all of these outfits and the repro vintage is gorgeous. I love the ruching bit on the chest area and what a lovely colour it is. It's a lovely fit and I'm so pleased the quality was good.

The first green dress was lovely and all your accessories and bags are beautifully co ordinated. I loved the pink floral top, it looks so cool and summery. Full slips remind me so much of the 1960s - many working class women I knew doubled them up as nighties!

Who the heck is Judith Pulitzer - any relation to the book prize?

Have a lovely week


Mim said...

You are looking gooood! The green dress looks fab, so I thought, 'Oh dear, it's going to be another repro not-quite-there', but NO. Ay caramba, you are hot sauce in that Lady Vintage frock.

You also have the best necklaces.

I wish I'd seen you and Danny bringing the bus into land. It must have brightened the driver's day no end. I'm grinning just thinking about it.

Sue said...

Once more you have perfectly modeled some gorgeous outfits. The vintage repo frock is stunning and I like the idea of a bit of stretch in the fabric. I so wish you had Danny filming you directing the bus, and yes you would think your hubby would know well enough to try and out do you!!

Goody said...

They have some excellent pieces in the sale at the moment. They ship worldwide, and it was very reasonable for international. They do a wide range of sizes too.

If you ever need slips, let me know-these old Nebraska "Church Ladies" wouldn't dream of getting dressed without one, and our thrift stores are filled with them.

I do find that most dresses fit better with one, as a rule.

That's nice of Jon to mention it *after* you're out!

Sometimes I try to imagine my mum behaving in a similar manner, and I just can't. Adults in the 60's and 70's just seemed so much more mature!

@Miss Magpie
I hope you'll show us the fruit print when you wear it-I loved that one, but as my wardrobe is overflowing with brown shades, I had to resist ordering it. I really like the green dress you ordered as well.

Thank you. The pageboy was me being too lazy to deal with my hair, and resorting to rollers and half a canister of Adorn. I really need to give myself a haircut, but the time just hasn't been there. I can roll my dry hair in less than five minutes, and by the time I'm dressed, and makeup is applied, the rollers have done their trick.

I think Lily Pulitzer was marginally related to "The" Pulitzers, via the Palm Beach set. She did these colourful (often pink and green) cotton shift dresses that were meant to be casual summer wear for the monied set. I have a few pieces picked up over the years, but I rarely wear them as I wouldn't want anyone thinking I aspire to a Palm Beach (or in recent years, The Hamptons)lifestyle. Nothing wrong with nice things, or enjoying good quality, but the Pulitzer dresses always rubbed me wrong as they seemed such a loud declaration of class. I'm probably reading too much into it, but the stereotype didn't happen in a vacuum.

I've paid a price for all those necklaces as every bit of available wall space in the bedroom has beads hanging from it. Hard to say no to cheap, colourful beads.

I can't say enough nice things about the Lady Vintage dress-it is absolutely perfect.

I wish we'd filmed it too!
There's so much misery in the world, I'm determined to grab a few laughs when I can.