Saturday, November 29, 2014

I Have a New Head(er)ache.

It isn't every day you get to put jokes about trepanation on a blog. There are so many medical offices in our neighbourhood-the photo opportunities are endless. 

This little fellow is destined for a "White Elephant" gift exchange because I can't stand looking at him any longer. I bought him as a joke, but now I've had to turn him around in the china cabinet to avoid eye contact.
It was an unseasonably warm 70 degree day, so we headed out to the park to take exercise. Climbing is a good activity, but it does attract some strange looks from children. Maybe they heard the metal creaking beneath him. Those climbing things aren't make for adult weight.

I elected to stand. They weren't getting me up there.

We kicked a ball around for a bit.My feet are still all numb and swollen, so Danny did most of the kicking and running. I sort of nudged it back to him with my toe.

(There is a perfectly acceptable parking lot not two feet beyond where this car decided they were privileged enough to park on the grass. People).
There, he has it under control. It is a strange ball as it has spikes making it easier to kick and catch. 
Mr. ETB can't kick a ball either. We're just not coordinated people when it comes to feet. Give me a video game, or table tennis and it is a different story. I threw shot-put in junior high. Running and kicking a ball? I mean, why?

After all that exercise for my body, I stopped at the library to give the brain a little work out. They were selling off last year's magazines for .10 cents. Now I can get caught up on half a year's worth of Art in America, and The Economist. Hardly pays to subscribe. Sadly, they never sell the copies of the Times Literary Supplement. Shhhh, don't tell Mr. ETB what he's getting for Christmas. If you get the print edition, the electronic back issues are available for just a bit more cost. We had, for several years a large box of back issues in the hall. When we moved from Boston, we gave them to our neighbour who I am sure is still working through them a dozen years later. TLS is the sort of reading your hoard, in the event of a long winter snowed-in, when you've grown tired of reading The Gulag Archipelago. Anyway, shhhh. 

Outfit Particulars:
Absurdly unflattering grey wool walking shorts-Hand-Me-Ups .99cents
Silver belt-Von Maur-ages ago
Clarks shoes-Hand-Me-Ups
Black v-neck-K Mart
Snowflake Brooch-Hand-Me-Ups
Snowflake earrings-K Mart
Marvella Beads-Hand-Me-Ups
Lumberjack jacket-Goodwill
Fragrance-Lentheric, Tweed (I cannot describe how much I am enjoying this perfume. It is even better than I remember it). 

Some readers feel that my bird flipping is on the hostile side. Just to show it isn't, this one is especially for them. 

Peace. And up yours.


Sue said...

Your flipping the bird isn't hostile, keep flippin' it baby!!! It is your signature sign off for me on your posts. I don't climb, run, basically exercise, soooo lazy I know but like I care! Love Mr ETB getting into the climbing and kicking, TOF used to do the same when the lads were small.

Helga said...

Nothing hostile about the bird, baby!
Now, I had to look up trepanation, as I'd never heard the word before. Ew, I say! Still, better than a lobotomy with an icepick anyday!
I avoid those climby things like the plagues. Where once I was young and bold, I am now too chicken for words and quite worisome about such things as breaking an arm!!! You looked exceedingly classy, which is entriely appropriate for the playground. I agree about running. Why indeed?! It's just not good for you, and only useful if you need to run from something that is trying to eat you, in which case andrenalin will do all the work, so no need to practice.

Curtise said...

Co-ordination isn't my strong suit, that's for sure. All that sporty stuff, it's overrated! But look at you; the family that plays together, it's a heart-warming joy (especially the fact that your sport is standing!) Love the new header too. xxx

Goody said...

I knew you'd never be offended by a little bird flipping.

I halfway remember people talking about it as a way of being permanently high. Thankfully, I was always too much of a control freak to be interested in that sort of thing (control freaks make terrible drug users). As far as I know, no one I know took a drill to their noggin.

There were people in the building when we took those photos. I'm sure they've never seen, *that* before! I thought maybe I can change the header with the seasons. There's an audiologist down the street, maybe I can find a nice megaphone by spring.

Jayne H said...

I had to look up trepanation too. Love the new header and good to hear the body is slowly sorting itself out enough to think about flashing an ankle.
I have never seen the attraction of climbing things and used to have to look the other way when the children were rock climbing as I found it too stressful to watch.