Thursday, November 13, 2014

Someone's Found a Way to Give the Rotting Dead a Will to Live...

...go on and never die.

Well that was a shitty week. I'm supposed to say something positive here so er...onward! Are you buying that? Yeah, me neither. But let's pretend.

I want to thank everyone for their thoughtful comments, kind emails, and the like after last week's mishap. I really do appreciate it. It will take time to heal (I still can't have the procedure finished until the swelling and pain let up) and it isn't clear what if any long term damage there may be, but life goes on, doesn't it? You're a great bunch of pals, and I'd buy you all a couple rounds if we met up in person.

In other news...
Yep, they seem to like me. This one sat giving me the Hitchcock-look for a good ten minutes without moving an inch. He did let me get photos, and didn't crap on me...but I can't stand them. Danny keeps threatening to take up falconry.
This suit is an old one that I wear when I can't manage to pull on a pair of stockings, much less coordinate an outfit. If you don't have a go-to suit in your wardrobe, I encourage you to get one-some days you just can't be bothered, but need to look like you sort of tried anyway. 

Sometimes though, a bad day stretches into a bad decade  week. Maybe you'd better grab a second suit, just in case the dentist fucks-up your life face.
There is a matching skirt, but I'm still on a pleated skirt kick (not a kick-pleat, that's different). 

This suit is from Casual Corner, back in the old days when the stores had the funny stained glass windows. I'm sure some of you remember that. I haven't been in a mall in years-does anyone know if Casual Corner still exists? 
My idea of holiday decorating. I made him last year, and still haven't got round to cutting him off the foam board. I dunno, I should probably stay away from exacto knives right now, and other sharp objects. At least I *tried* to draw a proper turkey instead of just tracing my hand. 

I found some great vintage shoes and handbags recently. 

Oh hell yes. Florsheims. I didn't know they made women's shoes. They had a store where I grew up, and it was all very wood paneled and conservative in an era of psychedelia.  When we were kids, my sister would dare me to run up to the store, open the door and yell, "I'd look like a monkey in your clothes", before running off. I always took the dare, and we'd laugh the whole way home. I'm sure there are some investment bankers who were trying to buy shoes that still wonder what the hell that was all about. 
I am the lizard shoe, I cannot step in poo. 
 These look better in person, and they're gloriously soft leather.
 "Enna Jetticks" is the best name for a comfort shoe. They are in fact, comfortable. I never thought I'd need mushroom coloured shoes. Obviously, I do.
 Oooh, still has the glove clip too!This wasn't even hanging by the handbags, but was tossed in a rack of wallets at the Goodwill. A little brushing and the suede looked like new.

Original tags. How lucky is that? There's some patent info on this one-it dates from around 1966.
 Vintage Bass. I did indeed wear them with bobby socks. It got cold here, and I'm awfully protective of my toes. They weren't comfortable. I guess between my flat feet, and so many years of wearing heels I can't manage shoes like this anymore. Strange, eh?
 Yeah, I don't know what's with the Lana Turner pose either. The colour is all off, in the light-it is a deep mustard yellow. The skirt is navy. It worked much better out in natural light.

Yeah, I covered up the boobage. I'm even more protective of the knockers than I am of the toes. Have I mentioned how cold it got? We're headed to 6 degrees F tonight. I knew it would happen sooner or later-just wish it had been later.

Outfit Particulars:

Blue Suit-1960's by Regensteins. Ruby Begonia's, Lincoln, NE
Black poloneck-Gordman's
Sara Coventry brooch-Hand-Me-Ups
Black Shoes-K Mart
Black 60's handbag-some thriftstore in Fitchburg, Mass
1950's earrings-Some thrift store in Wisconsin
Glass bead-Hand-Me-Ups
1970's Bass shoes-Goodwill

Casual Corner 60's suit-Vintage shop in Brookline Mass, 90's
70's pleated skirt-Goodwill
Act III 1970's blouse-Goodwill
50's velvet hat-Hand-Me-Ups
Brown bakelite earrings-EtCetera Thrift Store, Seward, NE
Cucko clock brooch-I made it
Bakeliet bangles-Goodwill, and Hand-Me-Ups
60's Gaymode shoes-Thrift World
Fosil handbag-Thrift World

Yellow poloneck-Gordman's
1970's Designer Originals knit skirt-Goodwill
Pendelton 49er jacket-Goodwill
1970's stranded beads-Goodwill
Plastic rose earrings-K Mart

 Still can't move my face, but that just makes me look mysterious. Oh wouldn't you like to know?

Fowl? Yes, as a matter of fact, it has been. But don't worry, I'm sure next week will be just ducky. I'll get my hat now.


Joanna said...

You look great in a suit. So Jackie-O! You should wear them more often:) I also really enjoy your hats. Glad you are feeling better. You are a trooper for even bothering to dress nice when you are in pain. I give you lots of credit.

Janice said...

Glad you are back!The cold is indeed moving in and I feel a baking spree coming. Do you remember the old television show Falcon Crest? Could be the root cause of it all.

Jayne H said...

Hey Goody, nice to see you out and about, making the effort and looking great in your go-to suits - well you might have been having a bad face day in the blue one as we can't see your head but at least you were making the effort - full marks for that. Great bags you've found and shed loads of shoes too - a few good finds always helps life along. Onwards and upwards x

Jayne H said...

PS - just scrolled to the top of your post and can see you are in fact looking very glam in the blue suit - that'll teach me not to comment first thing in the morning when I'm not quite awake x

Sue said...

From one shoe lover to another, well bloody done! You find really nice shoes all the time. Do you wish you had that bastard tooth pulled out now? Hopefully all will get better with your dental work, they better not charge you for this. I would be after a hefty refund. Glad you can still be positive, and I would love to have a cold beer with you!!

Autumn said...

Glad to see you're still amongst the living, even if barely. I honestly can't tell in the photos that your face is swollen. Smoke and mirrors (and some fab suits, shoes and hats) no doubt.

The weather report is looking ominous for just about everywhere but here it seems. This morning we discussed driving north until we found rain and just enjoying it for a few days :-/ The good news is that if you get snow you have free ice packs for the face!

Helga said...

Feck you look a delicious dish in those suits, most especially the second one!!! You pull them off in a way I can only dream of!
I quite fancy the idea of falconry!I am rather attracted to birds of prey, but haven't met one up close yet. They're so beautiful! Lets get Danny onto that falconry course, then I can come visit and have him show me the ropes.
I say PAH! to a shitty week, love. Shitty weeks suck. I managed to have a really good one! Not sure how, but I'm pretty pleased about it. And we're having a long weekend. Even better.

Curtise said...

You certainly suit a suit! I agree, we all need something easy to throw on and look instantly put-together and smart, even if we feel like shit... I'm sorry to hear that you are still in pain, that's pretty crappy. But you honestly wouldn't know from the photos!
I am very taken with those multicoloured shoes, they're great. Nice bags too!
Have a good weekend, love. xxx

Bibi Maizoon said...

Glad to hear you're on the mend!
Looking quite smart in those suits.
Those pearly blue shoes of gloriously soft leather are gorgeous.
My youngest son wants to be a veterinarian & is somewhat into birding. We throw the bits & bobs left over from when we butcher (& sometimes our less fortunate veterinary patients) up on the roof. All manner of local birds of prey show up- we even have a pair of lammergeyers (with stunning 9 ft wingspans) avail themselves of the free meal.

Goody said...

1960's suits are just about perfect for my body type. I do love a good peplum-on other people. You always look great in your New Look suits.

I remember the name, but I don't think I ever saw the show. I'm going to start baking tomorrow as the snow starts (we have a storm on the way). I need 4 dozen decorated gingerbread men by the day after Thanksgiving for tree decorating, so I might as well get started on that. I'll think of you as the oven preheats.

Well, it is a headless photo, so you weren't that far off.

I may just yank the damn thing out myself at this point!

I guess as long as I'm not face-down in the snow it would make an ok ice pack. I really do wish I could send it to you guys. The drought has been so awful for you.

The kid spends his time with the raptor rescue people, so he could definitely show you around some raptors. I am glad you had a good week-you deserve it!

Thank you. I've just never been able to sit around in a track suit or pajamas. I'm not passing judgement, but for myself I would feel worse not getting dressed. Hope you have a great weekend too.

On the farm, I would toss out innards from poultry for the raptors. Danny had a Great Horned owl that was hanging around the house (probably because he was confusing it with calls and it wanted to mate) but I was never sure if the owl got it, or the feral cats. If I had a bird with a 9ft wingspan on my lawn, I would freak the hell out. I can't even deal with our yearly sandhill crane migration *shudder*. I don't know how old your son is, but if he's interested in being a vet, that's an impressive amount of comparative anatomy ahead of him. Feather patterns on a bird's wing is one thing-knowing every bone in a pig or horse is quite another. I wish him well in his studies.