Sunday, December 18, 2016

Back Off

It was the sort of day that demanded a fart blaster accessory. 
 You wouldn't think there are enough different fart noises to make it an interesting toy-but there are!
The skirt and top are not a set, but the pattern and colours were so close, I couldn't resist wearing them together. The top is 2000's Ralph Lauren, and the skirt is 80's, Cambridge Dry Goods.
I don't know what's come over me of late with the Victorian-esque outfits. It isn't a period I particularly like, but the outfits seem to keep coming together. I must be channeling someone, because I found a pair of tall Victorian ladies boots at the thrift store this week for $15.00.   I'd date them around 1900, and I have no plans to wear them, though I think they will be a nice addition to my collection. Maybe one of, "The Aunts" is trying to guide me. The Aunts were my great, great aunts on my mother's side that never married, and lived at home with my great grandmother until she died. They were both bonkers in the best possible way, and I still have their desk, or rather Danny does. Visiting them was like wandering a museum. They died within weeks of each other in the mid-70's, and had both lived past 100 years of age. I always found that interesting-how I'd known people that were around when Queen Victoria was. Anyway, perhaps my memories of the old gals are influencing my taste these days.
Outfit Particulars:
Ralph Lauren blouse-Goodwill
Vintage Cambridge Dry Goods skirt-Goodwill
80's belt-Hand-Me-Ups
Gloves-can't remember
Shoes-American Duchess
Wreath brooch-old, probably bought it at Field's
Vintage hat-Hand-me-Ups
Fragrance-Jicky (reformulation)

As it is so cold here at the moment, today's cocktail is an
3 oz. gin
1 oz. yellow Chartreuse
2 dashes orange bitters
Stir well with ice. Strain into a cocktail glass and serve with a polar bear cherry. 
Fart Blaster optional.


Bibi Maizoon said...

The fart blaster adds a nice steampunk-y sort of touch to the Victorian plaid madness.
Besides, a fartblaster couldn't be any less interesting than those hatchimal things that are the rage this Xmas. Or the leather encased rock doohickey.
Pix of the boots puh-leez!

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Yes, I'm with Bibi - a picture of the Victorian boots,please!

I love this outfit and you never even mentioned the rather beautiful velvet? cape? jacket? you're wearing on top! The earrings look very Victorian, too and yes you do look like a Victorian lady - minus the fart blaster of course; a Victorian lady wouldn't be seen dead with one of those...

Your great great aunts sound wonderful.

Wrap up warm - it's all fog and damp here - very Victorian I suppose...

Curtise said...

I don't think you have to know you are drawn to a particular look - just go with it. Maybe those bonkers old aunts are having a chuckle with you from the beyond! Until I saw that the skirt is full length, I would have said the outfit has more of a 1940s film noir-ish vibe, but then I scrolled down to your previous post and saw the red-and-leopard look - now THAT'S vampish!

Hope you're keeping warm. Keep blasting those farts! xx

Vicky said...

And here I thought I was the only mature person to own a fart machine LOL

Goody said...

I will photograph the boots soon. I probably won't bother trying to clean them up as I won't be wearing them.

Ooops, I forgot the jacket!
I'm not sure when it was from as there's no label. The velvet feels heavy and non-synthetic, but I'd only be guessing at the age. I suspect it is 50's or 60's.

Net thing the old gals will have me re-using tea bags for a week (and carrying it in my handbag to re-use at work).

@Vicky R
I wanted to make sure the youngsters keep away from it so I wrote, "Mama's Fart Blaster" on it in Sharpie.

Vix said...

There you are, all prim and proper, buttoned-up Victorian lady and you're wielding a fart machine. Brilliant.
There's little to beat coming across proper antique boots amongst the stinky ballet flats and plastic stripper shoes. That's what makes us addicts. xxx

Mim said...

YAY! Return of the Fart Blaster. For some reason (probably pure childishness) that has brightened my morning.

You are able to create so many looks! You just pull together amazing outfits that evoke a mood. You should have been a super-spy, mistress of disguise.

Polyester Princess said...

How amazingly similar the patterns are. You could have fooled me, as I actually thought it was a dress. Please do show us a close up of the boots as I'm intrigued. I'll definitely be wanted one of those "fart blasters" now. I can already imagine wielding it around on the bus ... xxx

Beth Waltz said...

Back from struggling through a nasty Winter need of cheering warmth, et voila! Here's Goody channeling The Aunts, wielding a fart-blaster and promoting the consumption of alcohol.
Thank you. (And I do like that reticule.)

Goody said...

The fart blaster was a Christmas present a couple years ago. My family know me well.

That makes me happy to know I made you smile. Having a theatre background helps when putting together an outfit. I'm not interested in cosplay, but I have the wardrobe.

I've always wanted to take it to the supermarket and stand in the beans aisle ;)

I think you guys got the worst of this weather system. I'm glad to hear you're in one piece-it looked terrible on the weather service maps. Stay warm, and safe.

Radostin said...

The red & leopard was fabulous too!

Sue said...

Bonkers old Aunts and the return of the beloved FART BLASTER!!! Love it.

Goody said...

Thank you.

You know how I love my fart blaster.