Monday, December 26, 2016

Boxing Day

We took Danny to the local arcade to play games. Boxing Day sales don't hold any appeal for me, and the arcade wasn't terribly crowded.
The driving games give me a headache, but Danny enjoys them. 
Taking your parents to an arcade is always risky because you never know how they might behave...
 These really aren't made for people our size, and getting into it was far easier than prying ourselves out. Damn clown tried copping a feel too! Hands off, Bozo.
Outfit Particulars:
Da Rue pleated skirt-Sequels
Sweater-K Mart
Hand-woven scarf-art show
Vintage coat-Thrift store in Wahoo, Nebraska
Bass suede saddle shoes-Goodwill
Earrings-K Mart
Brooch on coat-New Life Thrift
Fragrance-Guet Apens
We'll be eating leftover fish sandwiches all week, but that's hardly a bad thing. School is out for a bit and with any luck I can avoid cooking, cleaning or chores-they both know how to do laundry!
Meanwhile, I'll focus on finding new ways to embarrass my kid.

Today's Cocktail:

I made this one up myself-I call it,
"Fuck Off 2106"
1 Bottle of very cold gin.
Optional glass. Drink quickly.


ThriftyParka said...

Oh Goody, this must be my favourite blog post by far. I laughed out loud when I read your cocktail recipe.

Geez, now everyone is looking at me wierd.

As usual, you have brightened my day and made me laugh. Thank you.

I hope that you, Mr. ETB and Danny (and Xeorox?? Haven't heard from him in a while) have a FAB New Years!! All the best for 2017.

Happy thrifting ;)

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

I have read, and continue to read a lot of American fiction. I have always wondered what 'saddle shoes' were. I figured out 'button downs, 'Mary Janes', 'Oxfords' and various other types of clothing and footwear over the years but 'saddle shoes' had me beat. Then lo and behold Goody is wearing a pair - hurrah!! Now I'll finally find out what they look like...not! I can't see them in your photos, boo hoo...

I love your outfit. On my screen the top looks orange and paired with the deep blue of the skirt looks wonderful together. What a lovely scarf,too.

I hate those bloody arcades - I only ever venture into them with grandchildren at the and Mr ETB are brave!

Polyester Princess said...

Poor Danny! Or maybe, after twelve year, he doesn't notice what you guys are up to anymore? The cocktail recipe is genious, I guess even I could manage that one. xxx

Goody said...

@Thrifty Parka
A very happy new year to you and yours as well!
Xerox is okay-he gets moody when he's moulting, which seems to be all the time. Just keep the food coming and he'll leave me alone. Danny can get him to sit on his shoulder and behave, but the bird clearly does not like me.

I need to get a close-up photo. They're shoes with a contrasting colour down the sides, like a saddle on a horse. They tend to be flats, and quite ugly. Bowling shoes are close cousins.

I like arcades-I spent a good chunk of the 70's playing pinball, and the 80's playing Centipede. I managed a high score on the Centipede game yesterday and was able to enter my initials on the machine. Danny wasn't nearly as impressed as I'd have expected! I should punish him ;)

He'll murder us in our sleep someday.

Mim said...

Wahoo, Nebraska sounds like it should be fun. Or is the Wahoo residents' sarcasm?

Genius cocktail recipe. I'm not wishing 2016 over too soon as I don't go back to work till the New Year, though it has been a pig of a year for lots of people and politically. The arcade might be a good place to hide for, ooh, the next decade or so.

Radostin said...

Your scarf and your cocktail recipe tie for the best things in this post - that is one spectacular scarf!

Goody said...

It really is called, Wahoo! They pronounce it, Waa-Hoo.

Thank you. I did question how much wear I'd get from an orange and blue scarf, but I couldn't resist it.

Vix said...

That cocktail sounds like my kind of drink! Cheers!
Fabulous colours in that outfit, brought together artfully with that wonderful scarf.
That clown is the stuff of nightmares! xxx