Thursday, December 15, 2016

At Aksarben Aquarium

Well yes, I did bring biscuits, but those are for the staff.
These are a few of the leaves and pine cones I made. I was pleased with how well they turned out this year.
"Did someone bring me a biccy?"
"No. Those are for the humans."
We wrapped them in a pretty box and Danny made a beautiful card.
Where did you get the Santa hat? No.,, no, it looks good on you. Who did this to you?  was it Susie?
Outfit Particulars:
Vintage Christmas cardigan-Hand-Me-Ups
Polo neck-K Mart
Vintage crushed velvet skirt-Goodwill
Vintage wool coat-Hand-Me-Ups
Christmas Corsage-Thrift World
Earrings-K Mart
Fragrance-Ambre Sultan

 I spotted an out-of-season red headed woodpecker. It is very late for them to be hanging around this area. This one has learned to eat from the feeders which is lucky as there aren't many bugs around for it now.
Aksarben aquarium/nature centre will be getting a renovation this spring and will be closed for a year. I'm rather attached to this mildew infested, crumbling old building and I'll be sorry to see it go. There's something so early 60's about it. I'm sure the new building will be wonderful, and they will have free standing fish tanks and classrooms for school groups-but it won't be the place I would bring Danny  when he was a toddler to watch the turtles. Many afternoons on the farm I'd finish up early and we'd drive over to the aquarium to sit by the window overlooking the bird feeders. I'm sure I've fallen asleep sitting there more than a few times.
 This is where Danny learned about bird banding, and insects, and identifying animal tracks.
 Pelts, antlers, and shells to learn about. I remember when Danny was learning to read, and was so excited to read the sign.
"Mama, it says, Please Touch. That means I can play with it."
I remember when my son fell in love with the microscopes, so we gave him mine as a surprise for his Birthday.

 Hopefully, the owls will like their new home. It gets sort of lonely (and dusty) up on the shelf.

If you're local and want to get photos of the place as it is, the building won't close until May, so you have some time if you're feeling nostalgic.

Today's Cocktail:
Damn The Weather

2 oz. gin
1 oz. sweet vermouth
1 oz. orange juice
3 dashes curacao
Shake well with ice and strain into a glass. 


Anonymous said...

What an interesting place.
Your biscuits are fantastic, I bet they all loved them! Danny did a super job with the card, he is quite the artist. JanF

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Oh, it does look a lovely place and I can imagine the happy hours you and Danny - and Mr. Eat the Blog - spent here. It's no wonder Danny is such a bird and wildlife enthusiast!

I could not believe those were biscuits - they were so pretty, I thought they were brooches. Beautifully wrapped biscuits, too!

You look like Mother Christmas in your fab Christmas wear...

Bibi Maizoon said...

I have fond memories of many a natural history museum as a child. Mildew and bug infested taxidermy and all.
What a great shot of that red headed woodpecker amidst the icy grays.
Goody, you win 1st prize for best reindeer sweater of the season!

Vix said...

Aksarben aquarium/nature centre looks fascinating, no wonder Danny has such a love of nature. I love visiting places where you're allowed to touch the artifacts, it makes them more real.
Danny's card and your biscuits are wonderful. I love the deer, squirrel and woodpecker and whatever that creature is that you're chatting up at the top. xxx

Polyester Princess said...

What a fascinating place. I love your Christmas cardigan, and those cookies are looking too good to eat. xxx

Goody said...

Thank you. It is a lovely place to visit.

Perhaps I should try making a brooch from bread dough, and shellacking it. I'd never considered it.

Thanks! When I bought it, my friend that worked at the thrift store remarked, "You'll never wear that." See what she knew!

That little beast is a Prairie Dog. They're a nuisance as they dig holes that cattle fall and break legs in, but they're so damn cute people don't want to hunt them. I know they're pests, but I don't think I could shoot one either. Then again, if I were a rancher and had to keep putting down injured cattle, I might feel differently.

Thank you. I had loads of fun baking them. the recipe is just a plain butter biscuit, but they take well to decorating and are less fragile than sugar types.