Friday, December 09, 2016


 Well here's a pattern that's difficult to photograph! No, your eyes haven't gone blurry on you.

Oooh, big 80's shoulders (but by no means as big as they got).
I bought this vintage Pendleton suit because I liked the yellow going through the black and white, and because the skirt length was a bit on the longer side (mid-calf). I'm certain it is from the 80's but it could easily work for the late 1940's/early 50's. When the weather behaves, I much prefer a suit to a dress and coat-I find coats difficult to drive in.
Finding a brooch to stand out against the pattern was a challenge-so I wore two. When in doubt, go for more.
Outfit Particulars:
Vintage Pendleton suit-New Life Thrift
Polo neck-Gordmans
Brooches-Garage sale
Vintage handbag-Goodwill
Fragrance-Ralph Lauren, Romance
 Goes with black and brown.

How great is the wild lining?

Someone broke into my car last evening. I don't typically have anything valuable in the car, but I did have a rather large box in the trunk with a convection oven I'd bought as a gift (and hadn't had a chance to bring in). As far as I can tell, after dumping the glovebox and not finding any of my CD's to their liking the thief gave up and went on to the next car. I'm not sure what they were after, but they didn't take anything. I can just imagine some would-be criminal thinking, "Birding guides and bloody stovetop oven from Aldi? What's wrong with these people?"
I haven't had a chance to speak with any neighbours, but I suspect I wasn't alone. It is upsetting though-the car was parked directly in front of the house. I had that happen once when I still lived in Chicago, and all they took was a suede jacket and some road maps, leaving behind my guitar. I guess they go for items that can be carried easily, not convection ovens. It hardly seems worth the effort for so little you might find in a car. 
All that aggravation calls for a cocktail to soothe my nerves. Let's take a virtual holiday somewhere tropical:
Trinidad Rum Punch:
(Serves 1-6 depending on level of unwinding required)
9 oz. rum
3 oz. water
3 oz. sugar
1 cup cracked ice
1/8 teaspoon bitters
3 oz. lime juice
6 pieces lime rind
Combine water and sugar in a saucepan bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer 15 minutes. Cool for 1 hour. Place cracked ice in a pitcher. Add bitters, lime juice, rum and sugar syrup. Mix well and decorate with lime peels. 

Remember kids, it isn't nice to take things that don't belong to you. Why not stay home and raid the booze do your homework, like we did at your age? 


Bibi Maizoon said...

What a gorgeous suit! Looking very CEO in that Pendleton.
I cannot stand Ralph Lauren fragrances, Romance was meh, Safari was the worst. (As in eau de bug spray.)
I had my car broken into several times when I lived in California. Like you I never kept anything worth much in my car so I'm not sure what they were after? In the 90's I had a little Mercedes Benz 190 & thanks to the Beastie Boys it's emblematic star would get ripped off it's nose like every 3 months.

Radostin said...

Wow, a drink that needs over an hour of advance preparation? Very impressive. I am sorry about your car, it's not a nice feeling. I thought they used to break in for the radio/disc player, guess cars mostly don't have those any more. In London it was said it took them less than a minute to get in, remove the radio, and be off down the street.

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

I'm sorry to hear about your car break in, Goody,. Apart from the violation aspect it's also the inconvenience - getting broken windows repaired, or door locks changed or the ignition barrel = time and effort and money spent you'd rather not.

Anyway, you look great in the houndstooth suit and yes I agree the yellow through the black and white is what would have sold it to me, too. Love the brooches and that is a magnificent handbag; what beautiful paisley lining and the brown bit on the top of the bag is just lovely.


Polyester Princess said...

I love a bit of houndstooth, and I think the yellow makes it quite unusual. I saw an almost identical suit (not with yellow, though) in H&M while out shopping with a friend, who's not into vintage or thrifting, so I guess you're actually wearing high fashion right there. Love the bag and its fab lining. Sorry to hear about your car break in, maybe the oven acted as a deterrent. xxx

Goody said...

Maybe menopause is messing with my nose but I really like Romance and Safari now! I still don't like Polo. I have a nearly full bottle of Romance I bought for a buck at the thrift store, so I guess it was lucky I liked it.

Thank you. I'm not sure what they were after, though in Nebraska it wouldn't be impossible to find a handgun in the glovebox (practically everyone is armed).

Thankfully, they didn't damage the car in the process, so I guess I'm thankful for that.

I knew if I waited long enough I'd be fashionable!

Vix said...

Burglaries and break-ins are rife around here at this time of year. Glad the scabby fingered little scumbags didn't make off with anything.
The yellow in that check is very unusual, a sure sign of quality. The lining in the bag is terrifically snazzy, isn't it? xxx

Goody said...

Funny thing is-we have security guards. I really wonder if it was kids that live here.