Friday, December 16, 2016

Look at the Flashy Bird

No, not that flashy bird...
This one! I've been hanging onto this sweater since 1987-I know this because there's a copyright date on the label. I bought it at Marshall Fields in Downtown Chicago. I had more money than sense in those days, but now it is so old it has become desirable if not fashionable again. It gets a great deal of attention from teenagers.
The shoulder pads went missing years ago. It is so big and long I could almost wear it as a dress...almost. I opted for leggings instead of tights but it was terribly cold outside! Speaking of birds...

That was a mixed flock of Snow and Canada geese
The DeSoto Wildlife Refuge was a busy spot last weekend. Everything from Trumpeter Swans to Goldeneyes were on the half frozen water. It was interesting to look carefully at the flocks through a scope-there's more variety out there than it appears at first glance. A few eagles came by as well. 
This little fellow is a Nuthatch. You can spot them hopping upside down along a tree. 
This little opportunist was sitting beneath the bird feeders helping himself to fallen seeds. 

Outfit Particulars:
1980's Bonnie Boerer sweater-Marshall Field's
Leggings-K Mart
Boots-Target about 10 years ago
Polo neck-Gordman's
Earrings-K Mart

How about a cocktail?
The Airmail
1 1/2 oz. light rum
Juice of 1/2 lime
1 teaspoon honey
Shake well everything except Champagne with cracked ice. Strain into a highball glass. Top up with Champagne. 

You know Danny's birthday is getting close because I made potted cheese today. Some kids want toys, others want candy. Mine wants potted cheese. I also put together an olive salad with bay leaves, lemon peel, and fennel. Both are simple to do and will keep through Christmas. I have a red cabbage looking at me from the kitchen counter, so I guess I'd better get to pickling it. 


Bibi Maizoon said...

Egads I'm trying to think of the designers that made those wild sweaters at the end of the 80's. Then they became collectibles towards the end of the 90's.
Here & I'd thought you were going to flash us a bird!
Potted cheese sounds scrummy! There were two 250g packets of Philadelphia cream cheese from Germany(?!) at the local dept store here for $16 each. Zowie!

Vix said...

That's definitely a top the hipsters here would kill for - usually blokes of the skinny-legged variety with an undercut and an aversion to socks.
That red bird is a beauty. Now you've educated me on prairie dogs tell me what he is. xxx

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

That's an outrageously gorgeous sweater! What a fabulous bird to be carrying around on your bosoms. I love the detail and the colour. It's a really cool winter outfit.

The red bird in the snow covered tree/bush is lovely. Is it a type of robin or a cardinal? I also loved the red headed woodpecker in the other post. American birds always seem so colourful compared to ours; which is why I get so excited when I see common birds like goldfinches!

What the heck is potted cheese?

Goody said...

I have an equally gaudy Cardin from the same era-I think everyone succumbed to the shiny things!
You can make cream cheese for a whole lot less than that! Rennet tablets and some milk and salt will do it. Let me know if you want a recipe.

What is with the sockless look? Don't they get cold?! Don't they ruin shoes? Don't they have mothers to yell at them to go, "Put on socks!"

That's a cardinal.

Potted cheese is cheese (cheddar, Cheshire, etc.) grated together with a bit of butter, then seasoned with mace and enough Port to make a soft spread. Place it in a small pot, and seal it with clarified butter on top. Keep it chilled for several days to absorb the wine flavour. Bring it to room temperature before serving with crackers.

I would have a revolt on my hands if I didn't make it for the birthday party.

Polyester Princess said...

Oh, I remember those crazy sweaters from the late 80s all too well. It's the kind of stuff that should never come back into fashion, but it's what the young 'uns go crazy for in my favourite vintage shop, leaving the fab stuff for me! What a beauty is that red bird! I was going to ask you what it was but I see Vix already did, so there's my reply! xxx

Goody said...

I should have posted a photo of the female cardinal as well-they're a brownish orange colour, but also have the dramatic beaks. I understand the bird-banders don't like dealing with them as they can really do some damage when they bite.