Friday, March 28, 2008

Cheesecake With Pears And Caramel

I was so obsessed with not over baking this cheesecake that I ended up under baking it. No problem, still delicious! The recipe may be found HERE.

I made a crust from the oatmeal cookies baked yesterday and I didn't think it was special. It was adequate, but I think you could find a better recipe so I'll skip posting mine. It is much the same with the caramel topping I made. It isn't bad, it just isn't wonderful. It is adequate. Eh, you can find better.

I think it is worth showing the not-so great results just to keep the blog honest. It's too easy to crop a photo just-so and no one will know that an entire side of the cake caved-in. You should know when half a cake caved in, which this one did.

Not that it is going to waste because hell, it is still cheesecake (something I bake once a year, if that). I took a taste of the collapsed part of the cake and it really does taste wonderful-I'm sure a few more minutes in the oven would have solved the problem, and I'd encourage anyone to bake the recipe-just don't get antsy and pull it from the oven too soon.

At least the pears were perfect. You know how sometimes you buy pears and they either never ripen or they turn to mush in what seems a matter of hours? That didn't happen this time and I was able to get beautiful slices of perfectly ripe pears for topping my less than perfect cheesecake. I did give them a soak in water with lemon juice to keep the nice white, colour.

I don't want to give the impression that this was a disaster-far from it, just not as great as it might have been. Kind of like life, I guess.


Anonymous said...

The pear tree in my backyard is in bloom right now. In appx August, I'll look back for this recipe.

Goody said...

Let me know when they're ripe and I'll send you my recipe for pears canned in brandy syrup. It is super-easy to do.