Sunday, March 23, 2008

I Can Haz Ur Sheep

Don't you just feel for our poor little doggie sitting patiently table side for a taste of mutton? He was rewarded for his patience with a few nice pieces. Both Papa and his little doggie seemed to enjoy the roast, and have declared it a success. I cannot take credit for the preparation as I've been in bed ill most of the day. I haven't tried any and don't intend to.

The recipe may be found HERE.

Mr. Goody made a few changes including two nice turnips and ruby port instead of the pint of beer. I can say that it smelled better than any roasting mutton I've ever encountered. Upon unwrapping the roast it turned out to have the bone removed which shortened the cooking time considerably.

I suspect it will turn up throughout the week in various curries and the like.

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