Monday, March 10, 2008

Home Baking With Counterpunch

This week's Baking With Counterpunch features three Latin American favourites. First, I do realise I made Fidel Castro look like a bearded Popeye and that I completely screwed-up the Cuban flag. I had pastry-bag issues today.
Second, that Citgo logo on Chavez' beret didn't quite work out as planned either.
Marcos looks excellent though.

Subcomandante Marcos. Yeah, that's supposed to be a pipe in his mouth.

Hugo Chavez

Fidel Castro-he's supposed to have a cigar in his mouth, that didn't come across well either. Must be an off decorating day for me.

I'm still open to suggestions for next week. Don't forget to click on the label/post tag to see other Home Baking With Counterpunch entries. As always, this is the part where I send you over to Counterpunch to read, or purchase a subscription. Go on, get out of here.

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Anonymous said...

Chavez looks very tasty!