Wednesday, March 19, 2008

How Do You Spell Sucker?


Yeah, I made the train cake (see post from earlier today). If I did this again I'd skip the messy glaze and just use a good ganache. Because the cookbook was for kosher recipes most of the baked goods didn't have dairy-including the glaze (so it can be served after a meat meal). It would have been more attractive with better decorations but I did the best I could largely freehand with melted white chocolate. It did look much better in person than the crummy flash photos let on. Danny was impressed.

I look at it this way: Danny will have enough disappointment and unhappiness in life as he gets older. I realistically can't do much about the state of the world, or the frustrations he's likely to encounter. I can however, bake him the cake he wanted so badly when he was three. I mean, if you can't feel excited and happy when you're know? You're supposed to be carefree and get the special things you want at that age. Let the grown-ups tear their guts apart with worry, but damn it, let the little ones have some fun before the difficult crap starts intruding. Thankfully, for the moment I'm able to provide him with the little things he wants (really, Matchbox cars and the occasional cake aren't going to break the bank). He asks for so little, I'm always a little relieved when I know what he actually wants. Most days he's satisfied with my lap and some stories.

When Danny came into the dining room and saw that cake on the table he was stunned for a moment. Then, as he registered in his brain that it was the cake he'd wanted so badly a smile broke across his face and delighted, he said:

"Oh mama, it is the train. Mama made Danny the train."

Now come on, you don't get that sort of a reaction with a cheap toy from Target.

I'll not post the recipe as I really thought the glaze was stupid. Instead, I'll explain how I assembled it.

Bake a sheet cake in a 9x13 pan. Cut lengthwise into 3 parts. Two slices are then divided in two for the boxcars. The remaining piece can be cut for the engine, smokestack, and cow-catcher. Apply the glaze, affix white chocolate pieces and you're in business. Have a camera ready, your kid will be all smiles.


Anonymous said...

Awwwwwwww... !!! :-)

Really, that's all I wanted was some fun attention like that.

... sure could use a shrink right about now ...

Goody said...

Actually, I think you're one of the last sane people in this collective madness.

Anonymous said...

oh good lord - if that's true, the bar has fallen to a hopeless new low.

Anonymous said...

How nifty :). And happy belated birthday greetings to Danny from Canada.

How many parents nowadays even make their children's birthday cakes, let alone from scratch. That's the real gift -- your time, your talent -- not the latest plastic geegaw from WalMart.