Wednesday, December 22, 2010

And Then, I Noticed the Candy Moulds

I was just arriving at that point of, "all that's left to do is hang the stockings", when I remembered the hard candy moulds I had gone to great difficulty locating. Drat, I thought I was done. Mind, hard candy is a pretty quick deal, but I still thought I was going to be spending the next couple days with my feet up, sipping egg nog.

I'm going to do anisette flavour because I don't feel like smelling peppermint, and Mr. ETB used up all the oil of clove last time he had a toothache (it does really help to use a bit on a cotton swab across the painful tooth). I have apricot extract, but now I'm concerned it might be extracted from kernels and with Danny's allergies that would be in the same class as Almonds. Where's the artificial flavouring when you want it?! Anyway, I also have some lemon oil, but that frankly seems pointless.

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