Tuesday, December 07, 2010

The Quilt Top-with poor quality photos (sorry)

I finished the top today-now to put it together and quilt the thing-just under two weeks now. Together with Chapman's Homer, and the siege of Troy in cake, I think we have a pretty good Birthday going. Danny's also getting a special piece of astronomical equipment that I won't mention by name just in case he sees this.

I really hate hand-stitching, and I probably should have done more than a rudimentary sketch before starting to embroider-but we'll just call this, "folk art." Yeah, that works. Poseidon looks pretty good, but my Trojan Horse is just terrible-and Medusa is smiling. Scary, huh?

The entire thing is made from scrap fabric I had on hand, and the last few skeins of matching floss from a larger project.

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