Friday, December 24, 2010

Best Christmas Eve

Mr. ETB had the day off work, and the boys spent the day taping batteries and wire together to power lightbulbs, fans, and other assorted science projects. I mean, they spent hours at this, which left mama with loads of free time. Hooray for involved fathers. They were also somewhat secretive and sent me to my room. I suspect there was some gift wrapping taking place. I hope I'm getting an electric pencil sharpener this year-I really do want one.

I put the cookie press to work making rosemary cheese savoury spritz crackers. They're nice, sort of like a shortbread made from expensive sheep's milk cheese, and butter. There's some flour in there too, but not much. Anyway, now the season feels complete because I used the cookie press.

When they sneak off to bed, I have some fancy Cara Cara oranges, chocolates, and caramel corn to fill the stockings. Danny is getting an erector set, papa is getting socks and a documentary about the MC5, and with any luck, I'm getting an electric pencil sharpener, new kitchen shears, or a hot-water bottle. I ask for the good stuff at Christmas because I know come my birthday in February, he'll forget and just run out to buy me a box of root beer flavoured popsicles and a copy of Nebraskaland magazine which is kind of like Cosmo for the hunting/fishing crowd.

All Best for a very merry Christmas,
The Eat The Blog Family

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