Thursday, December 23, 2010

Chex Mix

My first exposure to the snack food, Chex Mix came some time in college. I hated it. I still hate it. In fact, I can't for the life of me understand why anyone would want to eat it, either homemade, or in the store-bought, pre-packaged variety. Apparently, people love the stuff. It isn't like I dislike carbohydrates-I love cereal, pretzels and cheese crackers-just not all tossed together with butter and seasonings. Blech.

Mr. ETB's granny in Pennsylvania used to make the stuff for him, and he associates it with Christmas and well, I think you know what I made yesterday. I mean, being Pennsylvania Dutch, she could have been making stuffed hog stomach, so really, keeping a cherished childhood memory alive via some cereal in butter and Worcestershire sauce is a small price to pay for nostalgia (I make him pickled eggs and beets for god's sake).

Anyway, I had what I consider an absolutely inspired idea whilst whipping up the batch of, "Harrisburg Haute". Remember those .19 cent boxes of mac and cheese I bought for "emergencies?" Well hell, if needing seasoning for Chex Mix isn't an emergency, I don't really know what it. After I pulled the mix from the oven to cool, I doused it with a couple tablespoons of the cheese packet. Brilliant. He loved it, and I can't wait to try the rest on popcorn. I'm still not eating the Chex Mix, but as long as Mr. ETB is happy, I suppose I am as well. Wisely, Danny refused to touch the stuff.

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