Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Music

I'm not going to win any "Mummy of the Year" awards, but Danny really got a kick out of THIS.

I baked about a million cookies this week (well, nearly) including the now completed Periodic Table. I'll post it when I assemble it for the Birthday party on Tuesday. I have about three nights of sewing left to complete the quilt, but it is giving me a great excuse to watch movies. I can't very well read as I stitch, so I've used this time as an opportunity to watch, and re-watch things I wouldn't otherwise have time for. So far this week, I've watched:

Life of Brian
A Christmas Story
A Child's Christmas in Wales
Lawrence of Arabia (the 4 hours director's cut)
Medium Cool

No idea what I'm watching tonight, but I have a large stack of videos I bought when the local rental place closed, so there's quite a selection. Black Robe was a cheerful movie, maybe I'll re-watch that one.

OK, gotta go finish the kid's birthday present.

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