Friday, December 09, 2011


(updated) here it is. I'll get the recipe up tomorrow.

-When you can't decide between pannetone and stollen. Danny named it, I have it rising on the kitchen counter. Film at eleven.

Basically, what I did was make a rich, buttery, eggy dough studded with fruits and fennel. As it is so dense with raisins, cherries, and peels I shaped it like a stollen (flatten into an oblong, coat with soft butter, sprinkle with vanilla sugar and fold over) which ought to help prevent any sinking issues. I clarified some butter to brush it with when it comes from the oven, and I will dust it with icing sugar. You know, a Pannetollen.

I'll be icing the transition metals of the periodic table of cookies tonight as well. Let's hear it for Tungsten!

Sort of related-if you are a local reader and would like some mincemeat, drop me an email. Every year I swear it will be a small batch and yeah, get in touch if you'd like some.

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