Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Tri Focals

Consider me officially old-I picked up my new spectacles today-tri focals. I would have spent the afternoon wallowing in self pity, but then I broke a tooth and reminded myself that I still have my own teeth to break.

I can't decide if I'm nauseated from the new lenses, or the pain medication for my tooth. This did not stop me from rolling out, and baking the cookies that when decorated, will become the Periodic Table for Danny's Birthday. I have just under two weeks to pull this all together, which I cannot do sitting in the dentist's chair. Maybe I just shouldn't eat until after Christmas.

The quilt is about 80% completed. This will be the 7th Birthday quilt I've made him. He said I can quit when he's 18. That was kind, don't you think?

I cannot believe I broke a tooth on a Tic-Tac. And I wear tri focals.

Get off of my lawn you damned beatniks.

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