Monday, June 18, 2012

Crepes Are Your Friend

You may have heard the weather has been warm in the Midwest. I thought this would be a good time to remind you that crepes are indeed your friend when the oven must remain unlit. Plan ahead, make your batter in the morning, then you are fifteen minutes away from the evening meal unless you get all fancy with the filling. I wouldn't dream of suggesting you fill them with leftover macaroni cheese and Branston pickle-but I've see it, and it didn't look half bad. Not that I would encourage you but, eh whatever.

I do feel bad for the people sitting in the stands at the College World Series, in Omaha. I suppose if I'd planned all year, and traveled across the country to see the team I support, it would seem obligatory to show up at the game. Still...99 degrees with a heat index around 70? Not me. Nope.

We look to be getting a bit of a break at the week's end, but next week looks awful again. Remind me again, why do I live here?


Anonymous said...

I love crepes but have always been too terrified to try making them. I feel like I'd have to spend exorbitant amounts of money on the proper pan or crepe hot plate, or what have you. Which is ridiculous of course, but I just feel like I'd fail at it miserably otherwise. I'll have to search your blog to see if you ever posted an entry with a recipe and tips.

Goody said...

I just use my old cast iron pan. It is well-seasoned, and nothing sticks to it.

Crepes are really no more difficult than a pancake-the trick is figuring out how much batter to use for your pan size, and then lifting the pan up off the heat to swirl the batter around. You can fill-in any holes with additional batter as well. By the time the top looks dry-about a minute with a hot pan, you can gently nudge it loose and flip it (I use my fingers, to grab the edge and turn it, but that's me).

I've used so many different batters, and they all work well (more or less) but you really must give it time to rest in the fridge-at least two hours. The basic crepe recipe in Mastering the Art of French cooking is easy enough, and I think it is made in a blender. Don't start with dessert crepes, as they are more delicate.

I wouldn't spend too much buying a special pan, though you may prefer some sort of non-stick in the absence of a well-seasoned cast iron.

Good luck.