Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Me, Sitting in the Dark, Thinkin' About Stuff

The popular advice, to keep the curtains drawn during the day, lights turned off, etc. to maintain a comfortable temperature indoors on a hot day...well yes, it works quite well, but I'm not certain it is worth it. The house is cool, be assured it really is, but it is dark, with only the glow from a monitor screen lighting the room. I felt awful just typing that. I feel like a bat, and the summer hasn't even officially arrived. Perhaps I'd feel better if I bit someone...or flew at their head.

Whilst confined to the dark, albeit cool house over the past week, I did manage to get next year's homeschool curriculum submitted to the state Department of Ed. All fourteen pages of it (well, double-spaced, and including a bibliography, but still). Driving to post it, we were caught in a horrific downpour, the windows fogging up, barely able to see...and then the rearview mirror decided it would be an opportune moment to fall-off. We survived, the syllabus is submitted, and for once I am heading into summer without a bunch of loose ends to deal with.

The weather is expected to break for two days (with serious storms predicted, just to make sure we don't enjoy ourselves too much). I expect to spend that time baking bread for the freezer, as it will be right back to the upper 90's by the weekend.

I'm hoping to get out of here Thursday for the book sale at Swanson. After all this sitting in the dark, it will be good to get out, and walk around the dark, windowless, basement of the library.


Janice said...

I like the quiet stillness of the house when the curtains are drawn during the summer. You're one of the smart ones, conserving electricity and all. Also, I've had luck lately with baking biscuits on the outdoor grill. Just a thought.

Goody said...

More poor than smart, I reckon ;)

I've never used a grill to bake bread-what an excellent idea! We're looking at 102 degrees today, with the upper 90's well into next week. That wouldn't be all that terrible, but the humidity is also up there.

On the positive side, I have tomatoes and peppers formed already, which is insanely early-so someone likes the weather.