Thursday, June 28, 2012

Like Living With Darwin

Everywhere I look, the kid has jars of bugs. Scarab beetles, spiders, bark beetles-you name it, he has it in a jar. I finally put my foot down when he sat one atop my biscuit tin. Look, I had to draw the line somewhere, and I think the kitchen is as good a line as any.

I'm so glad I saved all those baby food jars. My dad used to save them to store nails, screws, and bolts-had them all lined up in the basement. Me? I've got Darwin over here scooping up anything that looks interesting, for later identification (and mounting!). Yesterday, it was a wasp that made the error of entering the home of a would-be naturalist. It looked so damn sad too, sitting there in the jar like Gus in Sam and the Firefly. Eventually he was freed because come on, he looked like Gus from Sam and the Firefly, except he was a wasp, not a firefly. Yeah, I'm soft.

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