Sunday, June 17, 2012

Intellectual Property

Danny is being punished. No, I won't divulge what he did (it isn't terribly interesting anyway) but I will tell you how I punished him-copying book Nineteen of the Odyssey-by hand. Neatly.

Typically, I'm a fan of, "will nots" as in, "I will not do this again" written hundreds of times using up any hours ordinarily reserved for play. Unfortunately, Danny has picked up considerable speed at writing, "I will not" (practise makes perfect?) so I thought the seriousness of his misbehaviour demanded something he would need to pay close attention to. We've been reading the Odyssey aloud for the past month anyway, so at least the punishment is topical.

Book Nineteen is pretty long. I didn't notice that before punishing Danny, but once I did I couldn't very well have him do something else. Yesterday, he was about halfway through writing when he wandered out, Odyssey in hand to complain to Mr. ETB.

"But it is so long! I'll never finish it."

Mr. ETB agreed, then sent him back to his desk to continue writing. A few moments later, Danny returned, still clutching the book, but this time turned to the front.

"OK, I'll do this, but I just want to show you something." He matter-of-factly informs his father, pointing to the copyright warning about, "No part of this book may be reproduced without express written permission."

Holding back a laugh, Mr. ETB told Danny we'd take our chances.

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