Sunday, June 03, 2012

June in the Garden

We're only to the start of June? Can it be? I harvested the last of the spinach, rocket, and peas this morning. This week, the beets will be harvested as well. The first garlic bulbs are being dug up, and they look super. I have them curing in the mud room, which Mr. ETB insists now, "Smells like East Boston." I think he's homesick. He even dragged Danny out there to, "Smell Boston." Somehow, the kid remains surprisingly normal-go figure.

Today, I planted the cantaloupe, more tomatoes, and sunflowers. More nasturtiums have gone in to supplement the several pots already growing. My second seeding of lettuces are in, and someone...somebunny has devoured the tops of my parsley leaving only spiky stems. I mean, whatever it was, it sure was meticulous. I told Danny to go around checking the breath on the bunnies to see if it is fresh. He thought that was an absurd suggestion, mostly because he's sure it was the farm cats.

Tomorrow-watermelon, pumpkins, yard long beans, basil, and courgettes.

Oh, and a woodchuck is er...chucking wood in my raised bed, or at least I think that is what has chipped away the heavy railroad ties.


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