Tuesday, June 05, 2012

That Was Just About...

...the neatest thing ever-or at least for the next 105 years.

I was lucky enough to view the transit through four different telescopes tonight. I did have to stand on a chair to see through one of them, which made me slightly uncomfortable as I was wearing a short-ish dress. Oh well, I guess if you were lined up to view the Sun and Venus, why not toss in a moon?

As we were in line, I noticed a number of people looking at smart phones. I was ever-so-tempted to pull my slide rule out (yes, I carry a slide rule, do you have a problem with that?) and pretend to do calculations.

As Danny was falling asleep, the first fireflies came out-so I made him get out of bed to see them (what sort of a mother wouldn't drag her kid out of bed to see the first fireflies of the year?).

I hope he remembers tonight in old age, I thought it was pretty special.

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