Wednesday, January 18, 2017

I'm Looking Through You

The ice storm came and went, and we were lucky enough to keep power throughout. In the end, Omaha was spared the worst of it, and people heeded the warnings to stay off the roads. It turned into a nice long weekend for everyone, and we took advantage of the time doing chores at home. I did get out for a quick walk before it hit in full, when I saw this...
Uh oh. Someone hasn't been draining the pool after it rains. I don't know why they don't cover it. I'm sure there will be serious cracks needing repairs come spring. I was tempted to climb the fence and skate on it! So that was that, and today the weather was warm enough to go out in a sheer dress and lightweight jacket.

 I miss the 70's when it wouldn't have been strange to wear a low-cut sheer dress like this without a thought about slips. Obviously, that wouldn't fly today (in Omaha, anyway) so I struggled to find a slip that would cover enough on top and be long enough. I *almost* made it. The slip could be longer, but I was er...decent enough (for Omaha). I really like this dress, so it might be worth seeking out a full slip that will work well with it. I have several sheer dresses from that era with similar issues-it is a wonder we didn't all die of exposure back then.
Look at that riot of colour!

Outfit Particulars:
Late 70's/early 80's Lehigh dress with Union Label-New Life Thrift
Vintage Laura Ashley jacket-Goodwill
Vintage belt-Hand-Me-Ups
Boots-K Mart
Earrings-Can't remember, old
Vintage handbag-Goodwill
Brooch on jacket-Can't remember
Fragrance-Courreges in Blue

I stopped to visit a few of my favourite thrift stores, and didn't come away disappointed. Hand-Me-Ups has 1/2 price earrings and I was able to buy two pair of Lisner clips for $2.99 each. Not bad at all. I found a pewter brooch, and Danny bought some birding books, and it was time and money well spent. I'm really trying to avoid buying clothes as I have far more than I can ever wear, so I didn't even have a look at the .49 cent rail. The woman at the shop was concerned I might be ill. They know me so well.

On the way out of the shop, a Cooper's Hawk was perched on the roof, and Danny was able to watch it being mobbed by crows and starlings. It held the spot until suddenly it swooped down, out of sight for what I imagine was his dinner. There are so many interesting birds to see in the city-if you just pay attention. Much as we enjoy visits to state parks, there's plenty to observe right in our neighbourhood-but you do need to look up, something the smartphone generation is unlikely to do.

 Yep, in 1979 I'd have let it, "All hang out" in this dress, but that might get me arrested today. As it was, the slip was a sheer crepe material, and I really wondered if I was bordering on improper. If it had been sunny outside, the dress would have been see-through. I'm not a prude...but everyone else is!
Would leggings be a more modern way to deal with a sheer dress? Your helpful advice is always welcome.


Vicky said...

Love the dress and I would go for leggings, I tend to wear them all winter with skirts and dresses.

Bibi Maizoon said...

Looking pretty in plums!
\--***** (Don't mind me I'm high on paint fumes!)
A cultural observation: In India & Nepal showing any sort of cleavage or bare skin is considered slutty & asking for trouble. EXCEPT if you're wearing a sari, then you can bare all from your pubic hair to just under your boobs. AND "covered" includes sheer material- it's fine if everyone can see your bra or nipples through your sheer tunic/kurti. Actually seeing old aunties with their bra hanging out from under their sari or choli (the tiny chemise/blouse that goes under the sari). Modesty is such a weird thing, eh?

Sue said...

Striped going in the right direction, up and done, so slimming and the colours are delish!! Then I see the purple tights, mmmmm!! Looking good Goody!!

Beth Waltz said...

I don't own any sheer dresses; however, when I did I wore them with color coordinated slips and undies -- and the highest heels I could manage. Racy! But back in the day, slips were available while colored tights were not. Now, in winter, I'd wear the silkiest black* leggings and tees I've got and consider myself and Omaha covered!

*Love the tights you've got in this shade with that dress!

Anonymous said...

I prefer the look of tights!
You must cheer everyone in Omaha up with your colourful looks!
I wonder, do the local birds, have trouble finding food in your winters? JanF

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Oh, you do look lovely! I love the dress and the purple jacket and tights are fabulous with it. I think you could wear leggings (what a choice of colours is presented by that lovely dress) and maybe some flats and it would look equally good.

Its a gorgeous bag you have there, too.

The slip thing is an issue sometimes - what about a half slip and a camisole?

I admire your restraint at the 49c rail - I just can't pass one by or even a 1.00 rail!

You are so right about looking up; not only at birds but sometimes there are some wonderful and interesting architectural details if you just look up...

Hope you have a lovely weekend and that it is storm, ice and snow free.

Polyester Princess said...

That dress is fabulous, and I love how you teamed it with the purple tights and jacket. I think the slip you wore was more than decent enough, even for Omaha. I admire your resistance to go ice-skating on that pool, and even more your restraint at the .49 cent rail. I should really take a leaf out of your book as my wardrobes are crammed full with dresses, and still I can't resist buying more ... xxx

Goody said...

It makes sense, they'd be much warmer than tights too. I'll try it.

I guess bare ankles were racy to Victorians, but they let it all hang out in ballgowns.

"She's like a raaaaainbow..." That could be your song too!

I SO wish I'd kept all the colourful slips I was handed down from my sister. I remember having one in celery green with beautiful lace that would be impossible to find today-even in thrift stores.

I hadn't thought of silky leggings-that would solve any clinging issues. Thanks!

The birds do okay as there's so much corn and grain left in the fields after harvest. I see birds pecking at dried out sunflower stalks-not for seed but for bugs inside them. We have robins and bluebirds year round now as well.

Good idea about a half slip and cami-I will give it a try. I can't wear flats for long-my leg muscles start to cramp. I do like loafers, but they kill me. Even my trainers have some lift in them. Too many years in heels I guess.

Thank you.
We live next to a college campus-I'm amazed no drunken students to a try at the ice.
It is hard to resist vintage at a bargain.

Radostin said...

This dress is wonderful. I love it with the purples, and always appreciate a dress with boots. I think sheer + sheer = opaque, even if it isn't actually 100%.

Miss Magpie said...

That dress is gorgeous, not sure I'd have been brave enough to let it all hang out. x

Goody said...

I like that logic!

@Miss Magpie
Thank you. It wasn't the easiest look to wear.

Mim said...

I love all the colours in that dress.

Bargainous Lisner clips, eh? You got lucky there!

Goody said...

I think they are less expensive in Nebraska generally. I wouldn't see those prices in New York or LA. For some reason, thrift stores don't think old costume earrings are valuable.