Saturday, January 14, 2017

Before the Storm

 Ever notice the nicest weather precedes a storm? We're expecting an ice storm over the next two days that is expected to be, in the words of the Weather Service, "Crippling". Sounds like fun. The city has been out pre-treating the roads, but realistically, there isn't much you can do about freezing rain and an inch of ice on the roadways. We're staying home and hoping we don't lose power-that's the biggest concern in such cold temperatures. As it might be a while before we get outdoors again, we took a quick trip over to Lake Manawa State Park in Iowa to enjoy the calm before the storm.

 Ah, nothing like enjoying the great outdoors in the shadow of the smokestacks. "Oh beautiful for spacious skies for amber waves of grain..."
I've just been informed that as I type, the first bands of sleet are arriving in Eastern Nebraska. Guess I can forget getting a quick walk tonight. Oh well, time for Martinis!
 I have a birthday coming at the start of February, so I bought myself a present. This charm bracelet is an Alva museum reproduction.
 "Is it supposed to be something?" asked Mr. ETB.
"A guy on a winged horse with a Gorgon's head in his hand?"
"Oh, that one."
Sigh. He'd flunk if he were my student.

I'm not typically extravagant buying myself nice things, so at $35.00 it was a bit of a splurge-but I love it. The bracelet was an Etsy purchase from Nomads With Baggage. It arrived quickly, nicely packaged and there was excellent communication with the seller. I'd buy from her again in a heartbeat.
Outfit Particulars:

Vintage Frank Usher dress-Goodwill .49 Cents! (I nearly peed myself when I came home and saw what these gowns sell for)
Pink shawl/scarf-Goodwill
Green tights-Walgreen's
Vintage coat (part of an ensemble)-Thrift store in Illinois anout 30 years ago
Vintage Margaret Smith handbag-Hand-Me-Ups
Earrings-can't remember
Flower pin-Tiff and Tam
The dress is about three sizes too large, but I belted it with the sash from another dress and added the scarf to distract from it. The sleeves would be massive no matter the size, but adding the sash and scarf just created an even greater sense of draping. I love this dress so much, but the colour isn't good on me, and it deserves to be with someone that can wear it as intended. I don't think I'll have much trouble selling it-designer vintage in large sizes are hard to come by, and this one is beautifully made.
Stay safe if you're in the path of this storm. I hope to be in touch soon, but if the power goes, all bets are off. 


Mim said...

You look so spring-like and floaty there, it's hard to believe an ice storm is heading your way.

I'm kind of surprised to hear you have Frank Usher in the US as I always think of the firm as very British. Classic mother-of-the-bride label - my mum wore Frank Usher to my wedding. (I think she spent several hundred pounds on her outfit, and my wedding dress only cost £85! But she was very pleased to see a wedding in Hello magazine a couple of weeks before mine where the bride's mother had exactly the same outfit. If it's good enough for Hello...) You'd never find Usher that cheap over here, it's a label the ladies in the chazzas would spot instantly.

Bibi Maizoon said...

Well I think you look ready for Spring in that beautiful peach & pink ensemble. Love the floral duster!What's that pink lippy, it look wonderful!
Stay safe in that storm! We're painting the house inside & out, what a nightmare.

Anonymous said...

I thought of Spring when I saw today's photo!
At least , coming from Chicago, you can never be too shocked by the winter in NE, it would be ghastly to have been raised in California ( or Hawaii) and then move there!
I'm hunting for super easy gluten free recipes as I want to invite the neighbours over for tea. One of them isn't fussy but the other will only eat GF. JanF

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Wow, look at you gorgeous! You look, literally, like the calm before the storm. That shade of pink is so calming.

The coat is absolutely beautiful; I love it. The bracelet is gorgeous and of course you should treat yourself especially when it's your birthday.

I do hope the storm doesn't leave you without power and that it doesn't last too long. Hope your week goes as well as it can given the weather forecast!

Polyester Princess said...

You are looking like a vision of spring in face of that storm. Love the dress, even if it's not your colour, but I love that fab coat more. It's absolutely gorgeous and so is the bracelet! xxx

Goody said...


It still had the original tags on it-in USD, so perhaps they are more of an upscale boutique thing here. I wasn't familiar with him. I agree with your Mum-if it is good enough for Hello, it is good enough for me!

The lippy is Pro-Fusion. The pink didn't have a name as it came in a cheap Christmas makeup collection I bought reduced to $1.99 after the holiday at Walgreen's. It is a bit waxy, but has great staying power.

Good luck with the painting.

It gets much colder here, but less snow. Might be best to purchase something GF for your Coeliac friend-cross contamination from something in your kitchen can cause problems too.

We're still getting icing though it hasn't been as bad as predicted. Everyone has the day off today, and it is expected to clear out by tomorrow. The streets are abandoned.

Thank you. There's a dress to match the coat but I always feel it is a bit too much. So far (fingers crossed) our power is holding.

Miss Magpie said...

Love that coat on you! Staying in the warm with martinis sounds like a very wise plan.

Radostin said...

Oh, I love this! All the floaty pink is so bewitching, it needn't be your colour, it's just its own colour. It sets off the coat beautifully and I like the addition of further, similar, but different, pinks. The tights are the perfect touch. Hope you stay warm & well powered.

Goody said...

@Miss Magpie
Thank you.
My idea of a Martini is a bottle of cold gin and a glass but shhhh, don't tell anyone.

Thank you. This might be the only outfit those tights work with. I knew there was a reason I bought them :)

Sue said...

Oh Jen I am playing catch up and that outfit is so gorgeous, loving the colours!!!