Wednesday, January 25, 2017

In Summary

That just about sums up my feeling at the wait, scratch that...
...that's more accurate. I'll leave it at that.
Thank god for makeup, because I feel complete shit.

 I'm not saying an eyebrow pencil and lippy can change my disposition, but at the very least, I won't scare small children. I do remember some sort of "Mood lipstick" in the 70's that changed colour when you applied it, but it didn't do squat for your mood. Someone needs to make an amphetamine-based lippy. They could call it, "Pucker-upper."
Outfit Particulars:
Vintage denim skirt-Goodwill
Vintage double-knit polyester denim-look jacket-Goodwill
Vintage embroidered suede waistcoat-Goodwill
Long sleeved Everlast tee-K Mart (I buy these by the dozen-they're fab!)
Vintage brooch-Hand-Me-Ups
Earrings-K Mart
 Monet Necklace-Can't remember, retail
Fragrance-Patou Sublime (misleading name if ever one was)
Carpetbag-Brass Armadillo
 Can you see Angus MacHaggis hanging on the door? We're the only people in the neighbourhood that decorate for Burns Night. January is sort of dull if you don't find a reason to celebrate. Maybe getting drunk and reciting poetry to a vegetarian haggis isn't your idea of fun. We'll take whatever we can get.

We spent the afternoon at Standing Bear Lake. Danny spotted an American Bald Eagle in a tree overlooking the lake. Danny though it looked sad. I thought it looked incredulous. 

I'll leave it here as I don't have much else to offer. 


Radostin said...

My feelings mirror your own.
Love your earrings... and your necklace... and that massive green ring... and the embroidery on that waistcoat.
Hope it's just going down, before going up...

Mim said...

I'd have a go at getting drunk and reciting poetry to a haggis. Beats getting drunk and singing to the cats, which is standard behaviour round our way.

The world has to hit Peak Stupid soon, and then it will all subside and go back to normal.

Bibi Maizoon said...

How about a MotherPucker lippy? Laced with epinephrine, dextramphetamine & caffeine to get you all antsed up & pissy?
Sorry about my double comment last post, my ultra high speed internet connection crashes about every 45 minutes now. Ugh.
I like your 70's does Tyrolean outfit!
Sorry Mim, we passed 'peak stupid' about 6 months ago and are now into 'intractably stupid' (which seems to be interminable too.) See where this misinformation superhighway got us?

Anonymous said...

Do you make the veggie haggis yourself? Very likely a silly question since I am 99% sure you do! JanF

ThriftyParka said...

Haha! Laughing about previous comment for MotherPucker Lippy.

I am besotted with that embroidered waistcoat! I won't lie, I zoomed in on the picture so I could examine the details. I'm creepy, I know.

Hopefully that sad bald eagle will find something scrumptious to eat. Like a nice tasty mouse.

Happy Robbie Burns!! And

Happy thrifting ;)

Goody said...

Nowhere to go but up at this point.

I'll bet the cats love being sung to.

I like Mother Pucker better!
Oh god, I definitely wasn't going for Tyrolean!

I use an old recipe from the Vegetarian Society using pin head oats, red lentils and mashed kidney beans. We like it. I made some griddled oatcakes as well, instead of baking them.

@Thrifty Parka
Nah, that's not creepy-I get excited by nice embroidery too.

Mim said...

@bibi @goody

It already exists - and actually, it's good stuff.

Polyester Princess said...

I could have done with that lippy this week, as I've had some "two fingers" days too. I'll have a look at Mim's suggestion ... Anyway, love that embroidered waistcoat. And the brooch! xxx

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Pucker up is brilliant! Market it immediately!

I have loads of long sleeved t shirts, too, so useful.

What fab accessories and the waistcoat is lovely. I meant to say in the previous post how fab you look with your hair up.

I'm so envious about the eagle. There's a place in Ireland where Golden Eagles are common so I must pay it a visit when I'm next there.

Sue said...

A double flipping!!! Good for you, oh and your waistcoat is delish!!