Monday, January 02, 2017

Thinking Warm Thoughts (in the freezing cold)

 January in Nebraska can be unpleasantly cold. Today wasn't terrible, but we have another deep freeze headed our way this week. Since I'm unable to flee to warmer climes, I'm wearing some of my vintage Mexican tourist items so I can pretend. Fine, it isn't convincing, but you can't blame me trying! If nothing else, the skirt is sunny.
The skirt is part of a set, though the top will never fit-I've given up trying it over the years. The skirt just barely makes it, which is fine with me, as long as I don't try breathing too deeply. I suspect it would have originally been worn with a girdle and crinoline. I don't do girdles, and a crinoline isn't compatible with driving a Ford Focus. That's part of the challenge wearing vintage, but if I like a piece enough, I can generally make it work-except for that top which must be a 22" bust.
Sorry, I grew cold. Ignore the coat.
This is a terrible photo of a beautiful bag. There isn't an unadorned spot on it with even the bottom being tooled. It is large, with more zippered compartments than I will ever require, and weighs a tonne empty. If I ever did manage to fill it, I would be unable to lift it. The bag was in rough condition when I found it, and it will require some leather conditioner and polishing to bring it back, but it is still perfectly wearable and worth the $3.99 I paid for it. This makes six or seven Mexican hand tooled bags in my collection, but they're such works of art I wouldn't consider parting with any of the lot. We won't discuss my collection of belts to go with the bags...
 Outfit Particulars:
Vintage Mexican tourist skirt-Hand-Me-Ups
Vintage wool cardigan-New Life Thrift
Bangles-various shops
Earrings-New Life Thrift
Vintage Sara Coventry brooch-Hand-Me-Ups
Boots-K Mart
Vintage Mexican hand-tooled shoulder bag-Goodwill
Liz Claiborne wool coat-Goodwill
Fragrance-Vintage perfume concentration Emeraude

Now, a bit about a year-long project I'm embarking on. Nebraska is having a birthday-and you're all invited to celebrate with us. 150 years of Statehood is worthy of a party. Throughout 2017, I'll be posting recipes from my many Nebraska cookbooks from homesteading days to the present. Along the way, I hope to tell you a bit about our state and do my best to convince you to visit. No one knows how to celebrate like Nebraskans, and you know there will be kolaches. 
This cookbook from the Centennial in 1967 is a treasure trove of family recipes, political history, and wonderful photographs. 
Mrs. Morrison, wife of Governor Morrison who held office in the 60's is ready to serve you a beautiful luncheon at the Governor's mansion. 

I hope you will find this project interesting. I'm rather excited to show you the place we call home. 
I'll be taking you to Chimney Rock and points West in the Spring. 


Bibi Maizoon said...

I love that blue buffalo plaid coat with the Mexican skirt!
Why & or how did kolaches become affiliated with Nebraska?
This is all I know about Nebraska- Creighton U, corn, Mutual of Omaha, Republican, flyover, flat

Vix said...

Good plan, digging out the tourist wear to cheer up what's such a dull old month. The skirt is fabulous.
Happy Birthday, Nebraska. I can't wait to explore Chimney Rock with you. xxx

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

I am looking forward to seeing more of and learning about Nebraska; you'll be a most excellent guide I'm sure!

I loved your colourful skirt and the bag is a work of art. I've never seen anything like that in our charity shops but it really is beautiful.

I loved your bird/chicken brooch and it matches your earrings so well!

Wrap up warm - it's damn cold here, too.

Propagatrix said...

That bag is to die for.

I look forward to a year-long culinary tour of Nebraska.

And my former Propagatrix blog is no more, but here is our new toy:

ThriftyParka said...

Holy Cow, Canada turns 150 years old on July 1st. Canada and Nebraska are twins!

Ooh, that purse is the nicest tooled purse I've seen. What a fantastic buy!!

Happy thrifting ;)

Goody said...

The kolaches come from the Czechs that settled in Nebraska-but everyone else knew a good thing when they tasted it and quickly adopted the pastry as their own.

There's quite a bit of history here: Lewis and Clark, General Dodge, Buffalo Bill, The Kansas-Nebraska Act, Willa Cather, William Jennings Bryan, Arbor Day, Boys Town, Union Pacific Railroad, The Strategic Air Command, The Birthplace of Kool Aid, and on and on. The Eastern part of the state is quite flat, but the Sandhills and western part of the state look pretty much as you'd expect places that border Colorado and Wyoming. Gosh, I'm getting excited just typing it all out.

Yeah, Wild Kingdom, and Mutual of Omaha. I think that was probably the first time I heard, "Omaha" as a kid.

It will be a quick visit and I don't plan to wander far off the trail as the area around Chimney Rock is infested with rattlesnakes. They do have signs warning visitors, but still!

I think it is a stork of some sort. Would have been fun to have it when I was expecting.

You would think being so close to Mexico there would be more tourist tat showing up in shops, but that hasn't been my experience. Perhaps the thrifting is better in the border states.

I will get my links updated!
Somehow I think the book needs a companion volume about STD's. I don't have words to explain my reaction to that doll.

I bought a West Bend crockery bean pot yesterday with a fork and spoon design on the front from the 60's. I told Mr. ETB we had to buy it because I knew you would have. I hope you don't mind me using you to rationalise my purchases.

@Thrifty Parka
Well that settles it then-I'll come up there as the Nebraska delegation (of one) and you can come here. When the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812 rolled around, we(the US) weren't keen to have any joint celebrations as we were afraid you guys might try to burn down our capitol again-but this sounds like a great cross-border thing to celebrate.

Mim said...

Oooh, I look forward to eating/travelling Nebraska with you. It sounds like fun.

I finished a vintage crime novel set in Mexico over Christmas, and that constantly referred to one tourist's skirts. I guess they really were a big thing. Obviously not something that really filtered through over here, so it always strikes me as very American.

Polyester Princess said...

What a suitably unsuitable skirt for January. It must look really massive when worn with a crinoline. That tooled bag is pretty amazing, and it even looks heavy. Looking forward to the Nebraska project! xxx

Beth Waltz said...

But I like the coat with the skirt!

The tooled bag would probably find a useful role in my study as a tool bag. It's just the thing to carry my household screw driver, Phillips, pliers, etc.!

Miss Magpie said...

I hope you are going to be cooking some of these recipes too!

Sue said...

I am so looking forward to seeing your part of the world, bring it on!!!

Goody said...

Mexico was the only place people could travel easily during the war (from the US and Canada) so they wisely made tonnes of crap to sell us!

I live for unsuitable clothes-I might wear a bikini in February.

It probably would make a good tool(ed) bag. Easier to carry than a metal box too.

@Miss Magpie
I will! I am thinking of tried the fried sauerkraut fritters this weekend.

I can't wait to start showing you.

Radostin said...

That back is stunning. I love your bangles too. I very much look forward to learning more about Nebraska from you.

Goody said...

Thank you. I hope I can come up with something interesting to write about.