Thursday, March 03, 2011

Danny's Half and Half French Toast

Danny would like to share his recent invention of spreading a slice of French toast with two types of jam. Today he made Concord grape/grapefruit fennel. You should now act impressed-go on, I'll wait. OK good.

Today, again at Danny's urging, we planted two varieties of peas in the garden. He might have uttered something to the effect of, "Go grow a pair", but he really did mean vegetables. You'd think he was a twin or something. Other causes for excitement include opening a bag of Butter Mints to find some of the mints have fused together in a pair. Danny has dibs on those.

I haven't tried two-sided French toast, with jam on both sides. That would be too radical. Now go on, go get yourselves a pair (of jams).

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