Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Library Sale This Weekend, and Other Upcoming Events

If you're a local, or feel like visiting Omaha this weekend, the quarterly Friends of the Library Book Sale is Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at the Swanson branch on Dodge Street. I'll be around Friday and Sunday, but Saturday I'm stuck (I shouldn't say it like that, but I'd rather be buying books) at Morrill Hall (14th and Vine) for Colorful Creatures Day. Danny's submission was a cray-pas drawing of a millipede with not one, but two glue traps. That ought to win a prize, or at the very least, make some docents laugh. These rural kids, huh?

Sunday April 9th is the Severe Weather Symposium at UNL.
This is a great event, there's tons of freebies, pamphlets, posters, and people on hand to answer your questions. Really, I can't say enough nice things about this programme, and we've been going for years now. If you can get to Lincoln, it is well worth the price of admission which is...free!

Perhaps stargazing is more your thing? Public viewing nights at Behlen Observatory near Mead.
I live rather close to the observatory, so if you're planning on going, drop me an email and maybe we can grab a gourmet pizza at the gas station (I'm serious, the gas station makes incredible pizza).

So, what's going on where you live?

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