Sunday, March 06, 2011

Today's Scores-Three Dollar Rose Bushes and Seed Potatoes

Before I tell you about all the wonderful things I purchased for the garden today, I need to talk about the crisps. Dear God, I ate so many potato crisps today.

I do enjoy a visit to Big Lots. There simply isn't a better place to stock-up on canvas. Their regular prices are better than the super-discounted sales at the art store. The quality is surprisingly good. Anyway, as I wheeled the carriage towards the overstocked food chanting my silent prayer of, "Please have a malt loaf, please have a malt loaf (they didn't) I came face to face with a gigantic display of Jay's Potato Chips. At first, it didn't register as they are now sold in bags, not the box I remember from my childhood. Mr. ETB rounded the corner, arms brimming with other nutritionally lacking foodstuffs and spied the Jays.

"Aren't these the ones from Chicago?"

I swear, it was like one of those slow-motion things in the movies where the room spins as his voice distorts into a slow....ones from Chicago..."

A quick scan of the bag indicated they're now made in Pennsylvania by the pretzel company I don't particularly care for-and really, I expected them to be horrible. We bought two bags, popped one open in the car park and...oh dear God I've eaten so many I don't understand why I haven't gotten sick yet. I should be sick, but I'm not-and now they're nearly gone. Nearly gone. I should have bought more-they'll never have them again. Mr. ETB offered to make a u-turn and go back to purchase the rest, but I thought surely I would be sick by now and no longer want them. I was wrong-I want more Jays. I also want a wedge of double cream brie because it would be awesome with crisps (yeah, I'm low class) but the stores insist on slicing into the wheels, and selling the inadequately ripened wedges. I'm so sick of buying under-ripe cheese. What's wrong with people anyway? I just checked and it seems you can buy the crisps on line. Well, there goes my figure. I guess you really can't "eat just one". Yeah, I'm doomed.

Still giddy with my crisps and cheap canvas, we stumbled on a display of rose bushes-three bucks. Someone obviously had some fun naming the varieties. It was hard deciding between, "Golden Showers" and "Montezuma" (geez, I can't wait to see the Google hits I get after this post) and in the end I went with something called, "Chicago Peace"( I could make a joke here, but it would be too easy). Anyway, I bought two. Earlier in the day I bought seed potatoes (red) shallots, and onion sets (red). I would insist I'm done this time, but I believe we all know better.

The best discovery today however was at Bakers supermarket on West Center road. They have Barry's Gold Blend tea. I nearly overlooked it as the packaging has changed quite a bit over the years. Mr. ETB gave me one of those, "Whatever makes you happy dear" smiles. Alongside on the shelf was a good supply of HP Sauce and mushy peas in a tin. I bought some overpriced cream crackers and threatened the boys with life and limb if they go near them. I'll share my crisps, but cream crackers are another matter. Imagine me doing a little happy dance. I've said for years I'd give up coffee happily if I could get hold of the tea I like-and that's exactly what I intend to do. I never really liked coffee.

How the hell could they name a variety of roses Golden Showers?!

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