Wednesday, March 02, 2011

So Familiar...

I bought new curtains last weekend. My last curtains were purchased in 1993, so I figured we were due. My dining room and bedroom are both blue, so when I saw the sets for $7.00 including 2 panels, a valance and tie-backs-I grabbed enough for both rooms. I was so pleased-I couldn't make halfway decent curtains at that price. I hurried home and put them up straightaway...then, it hit me. My parents had the same curtains in their bedroom in the 70's. I'm only sorry I can't find blue and brown velvet striped lampshades for the nightstand lamps.

I have a very clear memory of being home sick from school with a severe case of chicken pox (and complications). My mother permitted me to stay in her room and watch television, which was a real treat, until I flipped it on expecting to watch Banana Splits, and found all the shows preempted for the Watergate hearings. Nixon even ruined my having chicken pox-the bastard.

I imagine the overall look isn't helped by the fact my bed is graced by a blue afghan my mother crocheted around the same time. I swear to god-I have to get some striped, velvet lampshades. I should go look at Ebay.

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Raymond said...

The Watergate hearings ruined my after-school tv watching too. But for me it was The Match Game that was pre-empted. Damn Nixon!