Saturday, March 05, 2011

More Seeds! And Other Uninteresting Blathering.

Really, I don't know what possesses me, but the flower seeds just keep piling up. I'm really determined to have my cutting flowers this year. As I expect to spend considerable time outdoors, I succumbed to my desire for a huge, floppy straw hat. Mine's pink, and it cost all of $3.00

I don't know how I overlooked it, but Danny never had a Battleship game. I corrected that oversight today, though I suspect Mr. ETB is having more fun with it than Danny. I've sworn off spending any extra money until after the library book sale at the end of the month (yes, I budget for that) but .20 packets of seeds are hardly an extravagance, though you wouldn't know it from the evil looks I get when I deposit the new acquisitions in the growing pile on my desk. Books, and gardening-he could do worse with a wife's hobbies, ya know? The Battleship game was $5.00.

At times, I think I'm feeling better but then over-do, and find myself exhausted again. Slow and steady, etc. but that's not really in line with my personality. I like diving-in and getting things accomplished, forever scratching a satisfied line through the items on my, to-do list. The best feeling as far as I'm concerned is falling into bed completely exhausted from a day spent doing/going/on my feet. Sitting idle at a desk, even fully engaged in work isn't the way I do things...because I prefer to do things. I've been terrible to be around, but the boys let me buy seeds and other gardening items which does serve to distract me from complaining, if only temporally-at least until I come here. Ha, you lucky bastards. Come for the recipes, stay for the grumbling.

I suppose it is cheating, but in a bid to attract more birds to the area outside Danny's room, I'm planning a stand of sunflowers. What I hope won't happen is that they'll be slamming themselves against the window-that wouldn't be the effect I'm hoping for. Just to be safe, we'll put decals on the windows and plant the sunflowers a bit away from the house. With any luck, the bird watching should improve over there. Sure, a bird feeder would be more reliable. True enough. When have I ever done the simple, obvious thing?

Saturday night is my standing date with Mr. ETB. We have a bottle of beer to split, and we'll watch the Retro TV station because they broadcast, Night Gallery, and then follow it with some dreadful (usually Japanese) B horror movie. I remember being really excited when Night Gallery was on originally, and then quickly deciding it was awful. I still think it is awful, but in that amusing, camp kind of way.

(just overheard from living room)

Danny: I'd like you to just sink my battleship already-this is getting tiresome.
Mr. ETB: but...
Danny: No really, can I tell you where it is, help you locate it?

I should go record this conversation in case he ever gets the idea to run off and join the Navy-can't imagine a recruiter would be too pleased with a potential sailor willing to hand over ship coordinates because he's bored, and wants to go read Elizabethan poetry. That kid.

I hope you're having as lovely a weekend as I am...try buying seed packets and a floppy hat-it does wonders for one's disposition.


Janice said...

Lovely reading tonight. Inspiration that I needed. I have a recipe for the soda. I've been meaning to make it, and as soon as I blog on it, I will shoot the details your way.

Goody said...

Super! I'll look forward to it.