Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Second Christmas

We decided to have a second Christmas, and steam the remaining pudding. When I made them, back in October, I planned to give the second away-but we didn't have any takers. Imagine, some people find Christmas pudding leaden. Fools.

The weather is still damp and cool here, but I know how quickly that can turn. Today seemed like the ideal day for a final two hours of steaming.

I've been in a dour mood of late, but that's nothing that can't be improved with booze-soaked glaceed fruit steamed in breadcrumbs and fat. Mmm...breadcrumbs, booze and fat.

Now, to put a dent in the two remaining Christmas cakes (Danny has suggested battering and deep frying hunks of the cake on skewers. I have to assume that is his Scottish side speaking. At any rate, they need to go before Pesach (insert Scottish Jew joke, HERE__________________).

OK, I'm off to whip up some hard sauce (blech, I really, really hate the stuff).

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