Saturday, March 05, 2011

Green River Soda

If you're from Chicago, this soda will be familiar enough. For everyone else, it is a brightly coloured lime soda. It smells like window cleaner, is far too sweet, and as a child a glass of this with a grilled cheese sandwich was as perfect a lunch as could be had. Bonus points if there was a paper straw in the glass-striped.

Mr. ETB bought me quite a few bottles from a specialty shop (we don't have it as a local product here) for Valentine's Day. It was thoughtful, and I do enjoy it once in a (great) while, but we have much too much of it now. Danny was not impressed by it.

Green River soda is wonderful as a "float" with vanilla ice cream, but beyond that, I can't really think what to do with it. As he spent quite a bit purchasing the stuff, I don't want to keep it so long it goes, "off" or flat.

Do you suppose, I could make jelly from it? I have a few boxes of pectin in the cabinet, and it might strangely enough be good with Mexican food-what do you guys think? Has anyone tried something similar with Coke, or Dr. Pepper? I've made champagne jelly, but the soda is so sweet I'm not sure how much sugar to add. If it does work, imagine the possibilities-Chinotto, San Bitter, Cream Soda...

I have quite a bit of the stuff, so suggestions for cooking/baking/canning with soda are most welcome.

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