Saturday, March 19, 2011

Oat Crackers

These oat crackers came from 101 Cookbooks. They were easy enough to make, provided you own a heavy rolling pin. I thought they were just, OK, but Danny really liked them. *shrugs*. I also didn't use parchment-just a lightly greased pan and they were fine. I can't afford to use parchment unless I really must.

This is probably some sort of heresy to say (for someone with an Eastern European heritage) but I'm not in love with rye. I might try these again with whole wheat flour, and a different fat than butter. Anyway, I'm sure with some sour cream spread on them (see...there's my Ukrainian heritage speaking) they would make a good base for something...probably herring. Am I forgiven now?

Because the recipe came from 101 Cookbooks, I had to photograph it on my Johnson Brothers China (I've never noticed other bloggers using the same China pattern). I grew-up with this pattern as my mother had it, and naturally when I moved out, I purchased the same. Familiarity, I guess-and I rather like it.

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