Monday, March 28, 2011


I was so excited to find Barry's Gold Blend tea at the Baker's in Omaha. Today, I brewed a pot. The tea tastes exactly the same as I remember it, though I always bought it loose, not in bags. Looks the same, tastes the same as it did when I drank it twenty years ago...and truthfully, I think I prefer PG Tips. My palate must have adjusted over the years.

Gah. I just spent $8.00 on a box of tea I no longer like. I still like cream crackers-bought about five packets of those. Well, that was an expensive stroll down memory lane.

I guess I'll shove it in the cabinet with the other orphaned products like bitters, pomegranate molasses, and Earl Grey. Someone will want it...someday.

This is my teapot that I use everyday. I actually felt a twinge of discomfort brewing Irish tea in this pot, though it does depict the Battle of Waterloo, not the Battle of the Boyne. That would be much, much, worse.

Sure, I could have used this teapot, but it is so fragile I'm terrified of breaking it. It sits in my china cabinet along with a matching creamer, sugar bowl and jam pot. I doubt very much I'll ever use it.
Anyone want a box of expensive, not very interesting tea?

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