Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday With A Scientist

Each month at Morrill Hall they have a Sunday programme where children can learn about a specific subject, ask questions, and do some hands-on experimenting. Today, was optics and lasers, which was great because Danny had a few questions about the ultraviolet light spectrum. Actually, he had many questions, which were patiently answered and explained. Family admission is ten dollars, which really isn't bad considering my kid spent two hours playing, "stump the physicist." That's worth ten bucks. I should have asked some of the grad students if they do tutoring.

Anyway, you know from my previous posts about visits to this particular museum that there is always something interesting to hear near the Darwin exhibit. While Danny and Papa went in the play area, I sat on a bench and waited for the hilarity. I didn't have to wait long.

Older couple-maybe 70:

Woman (grumbling): I don't know why they have so much Darwin stuff here.

Man: I know, isn't this a nature museum?

I wish I could sit there for hours recording the things people say-imagine the Twitter feed potential.


Raymond said...

Thank gawd Danny's curiosities are being indulged and answered. I'm sure I've told you many times the story of going to the school library for our weekly visit to get books to read (when I was about 8 or less) and I picked out a book about the science of "Motion" (title of the book). I scanned thru the paragprahs on the back, the leafs and flipped thru and decided I'm interested. This is science; I want to learn about properties of motion. I understood there was something about energy and whatnot. The teacher or librarian took the book from me, dismissed my interest as silly for such a young boy, re-shelved the book saying that "this is for big kids," and instructed me to go over to the children's section for something on "Dick and Jane" or whatever. B!+ch. I still hate her.

Goody said...

That really is appalling, and sadly a pretty common story for people our age (Mr. ETB had something similar happen).

I'd like to think things have improved, but I kind of doubt it.