Friday, March 11, 2011

Onions and Spinach, and Baby Chicks

The spinach, red onions, and chives went in today. The weather is lovely and warm, but far too windy for extended periods outside. Bummer. I've discovered that the mudroom makes a wonderful little greenhouse for seedlings as it has both west and south facing windows. Perfect. I need to get all the accumulated junk out of said mudroom before I can begin plants. Less than perfect. I have an ambitious six year old with plenty of energy-completely perfect.

We started a seed/planting journal for Danny where we mounted the seed packets, information about when/where they were planted, and so on. I hope he'll hang onto it and look back through it fondly when he's an adult. We enjoyed some indoor, window box grown lettuce for lunch today, which I suppose makes it all much more exciting for a child. I love to watch him studying his packets, looking at books and trying to decide what would work best together, what to use for borders, and so-on. I dare say he's more thoughtful with his garden planning than I ever was (or will be).

Yesterday, we went to the farm supply store to see the first of the baby chicks and ducks. An employee held a chick for Danny to pet. That was really sweet. I hope my facial expression didn't betray me as I inwardly winced, worried about germs, and how fast I could wash his hands. For a farm dweller, I still get really icked-out by birds. I've come too close to driving into the belligerent turkey that likes to wander into the curve of the county road. I really, really don't like chicks, ducks, etc. Dirty, dirty, birdies. Bird flu, etc. Still, what can you do if someone is holding a fuzzy yellow chick for your son to pet? I bit my tongue, smiled, and got the sanitising hand wipes ready from my handbag.

OK-we're off to clean the mudroom. I baked a crumb cake today-I'll try to get that posted laster.

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