Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Pancake Day

We will be having a layered crepe dessert this evening. This means making the crepes ahead of time with Danny and eating all the, "mistakes" with lemon and powdered sugar.

Don't forget to let your batter rest (I do about 2 hours) for best results.

I showed Danny the cartons of frozen pancakes at the supermarket and he was fascinated/horrified by them. We didn't buy any as I try to avoid manufactured foods with his allergies/cross contamination issues/etc. but the idea of sticking a pancake in the toaster is pretty novel the first time you see it. I wonder what he'd think of the waffles. I don't do waffles-ever. Sometimes, to be funny the boys threaten to buy me a waffle iron, but I don't think they would really do it.

I will get the recipes for Lenten cakes re-posted from previous years, and see about updating with some new ones. Any vegan cake would probably fit the bill.

OK-start flipping!

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