Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dig a Hole, Stupid

I thought putting in rose bushes would be this big, complicated activity but reading the side of the package it sounds pretty straightforward. You soak the plant in water for a few hours, dig an hole, and plant it.

Gosh, if I'd known it was that easy, I'd have bought more. I'm not great at complicated pruning, or separating bulbs, but digging a hole I can do-I even know which end of the shovel to dig with. I have an anthropology degree-I spent a summer session at university learning to dig holes in the ground. I had a double major, and I can tell you from experience, history majors can't dig holes. Sorry, that's one of those truths like when you attend a military parade and the sailors can't march. Army, sure. Marines, certainly. Hell, even the Air Force can march. Get to the Navy and geez, you've been to parades and know that I speak the truth. There-my anthropology degree at long last becomes useful.

I should probably go purchase more rose bushes, but I'm having more fun making sweeping generalisations that happen to be true.

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