Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Candied Peel Circa 1971

Here's another peek into the set of Gourmet magazines. This one was from November of 1971. That's a whole lot of candied peel there. Attractive though.
I think that was the Christmas I got the Bobby Sherman record with the blue cover. I'm pretty sure I didn't want it but there was a song on the record with my name in it-so my mum bought it. That happened when Donovan did his song with my name in it as well, but that record was actually hard to get and my mum had to bribe a DJ to send it to her. When I was born, my name was unusual enough that no one knew how to spell it. Then, maybe a decade later it really became popular. This has worked out great for me, as people tend to knock about ten years off my age (at least until they see me in person!).
Anyhoo, I'm pretty sure I wasn't making candied peel (and it's a safe bet no one else in our household was either). I was probably playing with my Chrissy doll, which eventually turned the oddest shade of green, sort of like a faded tattoo (because she was probably made of petro-chemicals, for cryin' out loud).

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