Monday, February 18, 2008

Root Beer

I suppose the problem with owning a set of The Family Creative Workshop, is that sooner or later you start trying the projects. I also have a Pennsylvania Dutch recipe for root beer that calls for raisins.

I figure, if this goes well it is only a short step to making the fermented wintergreen drink. Yeah, that's what I thought too, but you could do worse than drinking evergreen sap, I guess. At least you brewed it yourself.

There is a small amount of alcohol created in the fermentation process so Danny won't be partaking of any. I'm sure he won't miss it-I made root-beer floats once with root beer from a bottle and he looked at me as though I'd committed a mortal sin defiling homemade ice cream that way. He isn't one for carbonation, which I guess is good-I don't buy soda but a few times a year.

I plan to make both recipes and we'll give them a taste-test before posting the recipes. It takes a few days to ferment. Stay tuned.

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