Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cough, Hack, Spit

So where was I before the pneumonia? Oh yeah, I had some sort of cold.

Unfortunately, there isn't much to do in bed unless you want to watch television. Before Danny was born I bought a 3 CD set of episodes of The Soupy Sales Show. We've been watching Soupy quite a bit. The gags are so incredibly stupid but I can't stop laughing-which just starts the coughing fits again. Then again, maybe it wouldn't be funny without the benefit of codeine cough syrup.

Yeah, it would still be funny. Oh my goodness, is it ever funny.

Anyway, as I've been stuck in bed I decided it would be a good time to sew myself a few new aprons. The photos are lousy (and I wasn't going to stand and iron them to make better pictures), but the aprons are really cute. I like that they were made with fabric left over from other projects-I can't imagine buying fabric to make aprons as they just get stained and torn-up.

If I ever get out of bed, I'll have lovely new aprons to wear.

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